Morgan State University: Baltimore, Maryland

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Morgan State University Baltimore , MD  
  • Students in Psychometrics will receive instruction in a coherent and coordinated program of statistics, psychological testing, educational assessment, research design, program evaluation and other applied research techniques. Students in the program wil... more >

  • MS Science--Chemistry is for students interested in pursuing professional careers and advanced graduate work in chemistry. more >

  • MA Mathematics is designed for those considering graduate work beyond the master's degree. more >

  • The graduate program in Mathematics Education is designed to prepare a cadre of teachers and administrative staff who are capable of providing instructional leadership and who possess skills in curriculum development and in research in the teaching a... more >

  • Morgans Graduate Program in English is noted for its established curriculum and its comprehensive coverage of the major areas in British, American, and African American literature. The curriculum covers vast variety of literature from Shakespeare to... more >

  • This graduate program in History is designed for students who plan to teach in middle schools, high schools, or community colleges; for students who plan careers in public service, public policy, or foreign affairs; for students who plan careers in a... more >

  • MA Music students declare a major area for concentration under the Master of Arts Degree Program. more >

  • MS Educational Administration and Supervision is designed to prepare qualified individuals for positions in K-12 education. more >

  • Master of Science degree program in Science offers interdisciplinary training in the major area of biology, chemistry, & physics... more >

  • Morgan Architecture is one of two architecture schools in Maryland and the only architecture school in Baltimore. more >

  • The graduate program in Science Education aims to fill the need to provide advanced preparation for certified science teachers. Through a curriculum which combines rigorous science content knowledge with advanced research based pedagogy, the program... more >

  • Morgan’s MSN program is designed for adult learners who are working full-time. Students attend classes from 9am to 5pm 10 consecutive Saturdays to complete two courses each term. Four terms are offered each calendar year with a break of several weeks be... more >

  • MS Elementary and Middle School Education enhances the competence of elementary and middle school teachers. more >

  • Public Health graduate programs prepare public health professionals who draw on the knowledge and skills from a variety of disciplines. more >

  • The creation and development of advanced information and computational technologies for problem solving in biology. more >

  • MS Science degree in Biology is for students interested in pursuing professional careers and advanced graduate work in Biology. more >

  • The Morgan State University Master of Science in Telecommunications is an advanced program of study designed for Telecommunications professionals, ind... more >

  • The primary purpose of the Graduate Engineering program is to prepare individuals for the practice of engineering. more >

  • The Community College Leadership Doctoral Program prepares students for senior level leadership within the community college. more >

  • MA African American Studies has a concentration in African Diaspora History. more >

  • Students pursuing the Ph.D. in Bioenvironmental Science at Morgan State choose among five areas of concentration. more >

  • The primary purpose of the Graduate Engineering program is to prepare individuals for the practice of engineering. The Program emphasizes the theory and application of advanced engineering principles utilizing the most advanced computational and anal... more >

  • The focus of the graduate program in the School of Business and Management is to develop and enhance the managerial skills of a multi-racial and internationally diverse population to effectively participate in a changing global economy. The program p... more >

  • MA International Studies prepares for international careers in foreign service, journalism, journalism, education, and business. more >

  • The primary purpose of the Ph.D. in Higher Education program at Morgan State University is to prepare highly qualified scholar-researchers that will be able to take a variety of positions in higher education settings in both public and private sector... more >

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