The Johns Hopkins University is a world-class university in Baltimore, Maryland, offering undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Johns Hopkins University
6810 Deerpath Road
Elkridge, MD 21075
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  • Technical Management

    Supervisory and management positions in scientific and engineering organizations are usually awarded to staff members who have earned the respect of m... more >

  • Mechanical Engineering

    Mechanical engineering is the broadest of the engineering disciplines, and lies at the core of engineering design and engineering practice. The Mechanical Engineering program at Johns Hopkins seeks to develop engineering professionals who can both strengthen the core of the discipline and who can lead the profession in a time of rapid change. more >

  • Information Assurance

    In today's world, the need to protect an organization's information and operating systems from attack is of critical importance. more >

  • Electrical and Computer Engineering

    Electrical and computer engineering (formerly electrical engineering) is concerned with the use of electrical phenomena for communication, computation... more >

  • Information Systems Engineering

    With information technology permeating all aspects of modern society, the creation and operation of contemporary information system is an immensely co... more >

  • Civil Engineering

    The civil engineering profession is dedicated to developing and applying scientific and technological knowledge to serve the needs of our society. more >

  • Applied and Computational Mathematics

    Applied and computational mathematics is concerned with the use of mathematics to solve problems in diverse areas such as engineering, business, scien... more >

  • Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

    In the past decade, the scope of chemical and biomolecular engineering has expanded dramatically. more >

  • Applied Biomedical Engineering

    Biomedical engineering is the application of knowledge from engineering and physics to enhance the understanding of and provide solutions to problems... more >

  • Systems Engineering

    Systems engineering is that part of the technical management process that coordinates and oversees the translation of an... more >

  • Materials Science and Engineering

    The unique properties of a material determine whether and how it can be applied to specific technological solutions. The field of materials science an... more >

  • Applied Physics

    The applied physicist bridges the gap between pure physics and engineering by conducting research on technical applications of natural phenomena. more >