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The goal of Molecular Biophysics is to explain biological phenomena in terms of the physical and chemical properties of participating ions and molecules.  This rapidly evolving field draws from the rich interactions that have developed among the traditional areas of chemistry, biology, physics, genetics, computer science, and others.  The Program in Molecular Biophysics, established in 1990, is for students who are interested in the integration of diverse disciplines towards greater understanding of living matter.

Recent years have seen an explosion in biological information available to life science researchers.  Hundreds of genomes have been sequenced and thousands of macromolecular structures have been determined.  How do we make sense of this information?  PMB faculty and the student researchers in their laboratories harness the power of sophisticated instrumentation and computational approaches to develop a comprehensive view of the molecular basis of life. Over 40 faculty, members of 11 departments throughout the University, offer opportunities for learning in diverse and changing areas of research.

The PMB curriculum is designed to expose students to fundamental aspects of biomolecular structure, energetics, and dynamics, and to provide practical experience in computational analysis.  The courses and seminars build the conceptual framework necessary for expanding the borders of biophysical knowledge.

The Hopkins biophysics community is known for its collaborative and congenial atmosphere.  Students are encouraged to forge innovative paths by seeking the advice of other biophysicists and forming collaborations that enhance their research.  In keeping with an institution of its caliber, a large number of technology hubs and instrumentation facilities are available to Hopkins researchers.

The program offers training for outstanding students in such areas as X-ray crystallography, NMR and optical spectroscopies, statistical mechanics, thermodynamics.



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