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  • English

    The strength of the M.A. in English lies in its ability to address the professional needs of a variety of students: those who plan to continue in a Ph.D. program and those who want to teach at the high school or college levels. more >

  • Communication

    The Master of Science in Communication program provides concentrations in Advertising, Interpersonal and Organizational Communication, Mass Communication, and Public Relations. more >

  • Geology

    Our master’s degree in geology prepares students for exciting, well-paying, and rewarding careers in areas such as petroleum exploration and environmental geology. more >

  • Nursing

    The graduate programs at UL Lafayette provide the path for advancing your career in healthcare. Whether you are interested in our Family Nurse Practitioner program to work within your community as an advanced healthcare professional, we can help you. more >

  • Education

    The College of Education's conceptual framework forms a foundation for innovative, interdisciplinary, and research-based curricula dedicated to the development of reflective practitioners who demonstrate expertise in knowledge and practice. more >

  • Speech Pathology and Audiology

    The program studies communication processes, language use and acquisition, communication disorders, and related areas. more >

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Physics

    The Master of Science in Physics is designed to prepare scientists and engineers to enter various technical fields or assist them to improve their skills in their current employment. more >

  • Music

    As a graduate student at UL Lafayette, you gain the knowledge and technical skills you need to become a professional musician, with access to the enhanced opportunities you need and want before and after graduation with the Masters of Music. more >

  • Health Care Administration

  • Computer Engineering

    The Center for Advanced Computer Studies combines the computer engineering graduate program and the computer science graduate program under one research-focused umbrella. more >

  • Computer Science

    The Center for Advanced Computer Studies combines the computer engineering master's program and the computer science master's program under one research-focused umbrella. more >

  • French and Francophone Studies

    The doctoral program in Francophone Studies at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette is a dynamic, innovative and... more >

  • Master of Science in Accounting

    Our program extends the depth and breadth of the accounting and business knowledge gained at the undergraduate level as well as the professional skills necessary for a successful professional career. more >

  • Masters in Criminal Justice

    Our interdisciplinary graduate program is designed to build individual, agency and community capacity to understand, prevent, intervene, and respond effectively to juvenile delinquency and crime, using evidence-based practices and programs. more >

  • Criminal Justice

    Our undergraduate program provides the breadth of knowledge of a liberal arts curriculum, combined with interdisciplinary perspectives of crime and justice. more >

  • Curriculum & Instruction

    The Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction (M.Ed.) program is designed to enhance pedagogical skills and content knowledge for certified teachers. more >

  • Engineering/Industrial Management

    The Master of Science in Engineering is designed to develop a capability of applying advanced techniques to problem-solving in engineering. more >

  • Kinesiology

    You can take advantage of the expanding job market by earning your Master’s degree in Kinesiology.  In pursuing your Masters you will pick a concentration in either Exercise & Sport Science or Health Promotion, Recreation & Sport Management. ... more >

  • Masters of Arts in Teaching

    Focusing on teaching, scholarship, and service, the College of Education offers both a Master of Arts in Teaching and a Master of Education. more >

  • Telecommunications

    A graduate program in Telecommunications with emphases on networks, systems, and devices, incorporating aspects of technology,... more >

  • Mathematics

    The Mathematics Department offers courses of study in applied mathematics, pure mathematics, and statistics, leading to M.S. more >

  • Cognitive Science

    The Institute's primary responsibility is the execution of the PhD program in Cognitive Science. more >

  • Petroleum Engineering

    The Petroleum Engineering graduate program is designed to provide the graduates with applied research skills to better prepare... more >

  • Civil Engineering

    The Civil Engineering curriculum is designed to prepare students for a career in the broad field of civil engineering. more >