Kansas State University: Manhattan, Kansas

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Kansas State University Manhattan , KS  
  • The Department of Agronomy offers courses of study leading to degrees of master of science and doctor of philosophy in many diverse crop, soil, and range science specializations. These study areas include: agricultural climatology, crop-climate modeling... more >

  • The School of Family Studies and Human Services is a multidisciplinary school which, since its establishment in 1928, offers graduate training towards M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in a broad range of the human sciences and human services. more >

  • The Department of Agricultural Economics offers studies leading to a Master of Science or Ph.D.degree. The Ph.D. degree is joint with the Department of Economics. The graduate program stresses a strong foundation in economic theory and quantitative anal... more >

  • Our program is designed to train students broadly in experimental psychology in addition to theirbehavioral neuroscience specialization. While courses are an important part of training, studentsshould expect to engage in laboratory research throughout t... more >

  • The Department of Clothing, Textiles, and Interior Design offers a master of science degree in clothing and textiles.;The department also participates in the College of Human Ecology Ph.D. program, offering an emphasis in textiles and apparel. Gradu... more >

  • The Department of History offers well-prepared students an exceptional opportunity to work closely with an unusually productive and well regarded faculty. The department aims to help students find and develop their talents fully and to establish themsel... more >

  • Sociology is concerned with patterns of social life and the ways people organize their activities and environment. A degree in sociology provides a wide array of career possibilities emphasizing human behavior, knowledge of group interaction, and skills... more >

  • The genetics curriculum is sponsored by several departments to offer specialized education in genetics to students in a variety of disciplines. Graduate work leading to M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in genetics is administered by the faculty of participating d... more >

  • The Operations Research program is intended to develop mastery of Operation Research techniques. more >

  • The Human Factors/Applied Experimental Psychology Graduate Program at Kansas StateUniversity is designed to prepare students for careers as experimental psychologists in business,industry, and government. The program provides students with a broad backg... more >

  • Established programs of study are available in structural analysis and design, geotechnical engineering, waterresources engineering, environmental eng... more >

  • Our AACSB-accredited (top 20%) MBA program offers breadth through the study of all functional areas and integration through two... more >

  • At the M.S. level, additional options exist for design-oriented thesis work and course-work-only programs. In keeping with the university tradition of providing a relevant engineering education, present course work and research (and design topics) are c... more >

  • Biology and microbiology are exceedingly broad disciplines, and the KSU graduate program exploits this exciting diversity. The graduate faculty of the Division of Biology strongly believes that research is the preeminent feature of our training responsi... more >

  • Master of science students may specialize in (1) machinery systems; (2) natural resources irrigation and water; (3) feed and food processing; (4) energy use in agriculture; and (5) environmental engineering. Minimum degree requirements are 30 semester h... more >

  • The personality-social field of specialization was introduced under the direction of E. Jerry Phares and Franz Samelson in 1964. Since that time, more... more >

  • Security Studies at Kansas State University is a rigorous interdisciplinary program offering MA and Ph.D degrees for students interested in national security, international affairs, world politics, and transnational problems. It boasts well-published fa... more >

  • The School of Family Studies and Human Services is a multidisciplinary program that provides graduate training for M.S. and Ph.D. students. The professional specializations are addressed to broad issues concerning individuals and families and the course... more >

  • The curriculum in the M.S. and Ph.D. programs is broad-based, spanning pure, computational and applied mathematics. The faculty are clustered into robust research groups, and all share a common dedication to graduate education. more >

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