Maharishi University Of Management: Fairfield, Iowa

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Maharishi University Of Management Fairfield , IA  
  • By understanding and experiencing their own inner intelligence and how it connects them to the world, our students recognize that business organizations and their operations are expressions of human creativity their own creativity. This paradigm, develo... more >

  • Students maintain a daily routine that includes practice of the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programs twice a day as part of their research in consciousness. They gain extensive exposure to and work with over 30 years of taped lectures by Maha... more >

  • Prepares students for careers as teachers of single subjects in the secondary school and for leadership roles at these levels. Subjects include: mathematics, and science. more >

  • For teachers with at least three years teaching experience. Teachers USA program. more >

  • Students study on campus for eight months and then are placed at a U.S. IT company where they work for up to two years performing curricular practical... more >

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