Woodrow Wilson Indiana Teaching Fellowship, The

Ball State University

Master's in STEM Teaching and Education


420 University Blvd.

Indianapolis, IN 46227

United States



Program Information

Degrees Offered:

Master's in STEM Teaching and Education

Format: Campus

Program Description:

The Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship seeks to recruit, prepare and retain effective teachers for the students and schools who need them most. It is open to individuals - college seniors, recent graduates, and career changers—with undergraduate degrees in the arts and sciences. Fellows will attend enriched, school-based master’s-level teacher education programs, complemented by intensive mentoring during the first three years of teaching at high-need urban and rural schools. The Fellowships focus on four goals: transforming teacher education; getting strong teachers into high-need schools; attracting the very best candidates to the teaching profession; and cutting teacher attrition by retaining top teachers.

Indiana’s pilot version of the Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship focuses specifically on individuals with backgrounds in science, technology, engineering, and math - the STEM disciplines—because high-need urban and rural high schools have the most difficulty in recruiting and retaining teachers in these fields. While industry and the academy compete for the attention of exceptionally well-qualified individuals in these disciplines, such individuals can have a powerful impact on the future of the students who need their expertise the most.


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