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Wheaton College Wheaton , IL  
  • The Masters in Biblical Studies (MABS) program is designed to give you a broad-based knowledge of the Bible that can be taken back to your workplace, your small group, or your church to help you build up the body of Christ... more >

  • The mission of Wheaton's M.A. in Intercultural Studies is to develop effective cross cultural professionals who are competent communicators of Christ, sensitive to other cultures, and effective servants. more >

  • The modular Masters in Missional Church Movements at Wheaton College is for planters and multipliers of churches, groups, and ministries. It will expose you to the best missional and church reproducing thinkers and practitioners in the world today... more >

  • The Master of Arts in Evangelism and Leadership at Wheaton College will equip you to think critically and act creatively to communicate the gospel and lead the change that’s needed in our contemporary, multi-ethnic world... more >

  • The M.A. in Theology at Wheaton College trains students to engage theological ideas in the world today through a strong biblical, evangelical foundation, mastery of our diverse theological heritage, and familiarity with contemporary, global developments... more >

  • The History of Christianity program at Wheaton College is committed to equipping graduate students through teaching and mentoring with a comprehensive knowledge of Christian history that engages the fullness of the historical context across two millennia... more >

  • The masters in Biblical Exegesis at Wheaton College is a biblical language-based degree which emphasizes study in both the Old and New Testaments. Students will be able to interpret scripture through study of the original languages of Hebrew and/or Greek... more >

  • ​The Wheaton College Graduate School M.A. Teaching degree prepares those seeking an initial teaching license to integrate faith and learning through graduate level experiences from a Christian perspective... more >

  • The M.A. in Biblical Archaeology at Wheaton College investigates the world of the Bible through the recovery and study of ancient sources in order to better understand Scripture... more >

  • The Wheaton College Psy.D. Program is unique in its mission among the six APA-accredited Christian doctoral programs in clinical psychology in the United States, and the only one located in the Midwest. more >

  • The M.A. in TESOL and Intercultural Studies provides teachers with a solid foundation in the field of TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)... more >

  • The History of Christianity program is committed to equipping graduate students through teaching and mentoring with a comprehensive knowledge of Christian history that engages the fullness of the historical context across two millennia. more >

  • The Master of Arts (M.A.) degree in Christian Formation and Ministry (CFM) from Wheaton College Graduate School equips students to minister effectively and walk alongside others for the purpose of spiritual growth and transformation... more >

  • Our mission is to develop competent mental health counselors who are shaped by their Christian faith and have a commitment to serving the underserved at home and around the world... more >

  • Mission: To Serve the Underserved. Clinical Perspective: responsibly eclectic. Alumni: highly competent, committed to service... more >

  • The Ph.D. in Biblical and Theological Studies at Wheaton College is designed to train scholars who can serve the church worldwide as teachers, researchers, pastors, and leaders. more >

  • The M.A. in Humanitarian & Disaster Leadership (HDL) at Wheaton College prepares the next generation of humanitarian and disaster professionals to lead with faith and humility, utilize evidence-based practice, and serve the most vulnerable and the Church... more >

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