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Loyola University Chicago Maywood , IL  
  • Inspired by Loyola's Jesuit tradition of justice and freedom of inquiry, the Loyola University Chicago Master’s of Public Health program is designed to prepare you to advance the quality and accessibility of health care by bridging service gaps that exis... more >

  • The Master's in Medical Laboratory Science (MS-MLS) program to  prepares students to become competent and qualified Medical Laboratory Scientists. more >

  • The objective of the MS in Health Informatics is to train the next generation of biomedical informaticists and data-driven healthcare professionals in the fundamentals of health informatics and data science as they apply to health outcomes, heath equalit... more >

  • Loyola’s Master of Science in Exercise Science program will examine the mechanical, anatomical, and physiological basis of exercise, its role in the training and conditioning of high-performance athletes, and its use as a preventative measure for diseas... more >

  • Loyola University Chicago’s Parkinson School of Health Sciences and Public Health  offers a unique opportunity to complete a Master of Science in Dietetics in conjunction with the Loyola University Chicago Dietetic Internship, or after completion of... more >

  • Loyola’s Master of Science in Clinical Research Methods and Epidemiology program is designed to foster clinical investigation and enable clinicians and other health care personnel at Loyola to reach their full potential as clinical researchers. more >

  • The Department of Physiology offers a research-oriented Ph.D. graduate program in Cell and Molecular Physiology. Different lines of investigation are very well represented in the department: ion channels (biochemistry, biophysics, molecular biology, phy... more >

  • The philosophy of the Neuroscience Program is to produce graduates with both a broad interdisciplinary appreciation of the variety of approaches to studying the brain (anatomical, biochemical, physiological, pharmacological and behavioral) and a focused... more >

  • This program provides a thorough scholastic knowledge of modern microbiology and immunology and emphasizes the skills and attitudes needed to perform effective scientific research. The thrust of the program is to prepare students for careers in rese... more >

  • The Graduate School at Loyola University Chicago Health Sciences Campus offers a wide variety of programs supported by faculty, staff and resources of the Stritch School of Medicine. This is an exciting time in biomedical research and healthcare, a tim... more >

  • The Graduate Program in Molecular Biology at Loyola University Chicago Health Sciences Campus is an interdisciplinary program that draws its faculty from the graduate faculty of various basic science... more >

  • The MS in Infectious Disease and Immunology is a two-year, research-intensive program that combines clinic and basic sciences. more >

  • The field of Pharmacology offers students the opportunity to unravel the nature of drug action. Pharmacology is the study of how drugs affect biological systems. Techniques from all basic science disciplines are used to understand the chemical propertie... more >

  • This program is designed to impact fundamental research principles in cellular biology of the immune and nervous system. The research interest of our faculty encompasses immunobiology of aging in B, T and macrophages; immune-mediated nerve regeneration... more >

  • The overall objective of the M.D./Ph.D. dual degree program is to train and educate future clinician-scientists. more >

  • Loyola's School Counseling program is dedicated to the pursuit of advocacy and social justice in the school counseling profession. more >

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