University of West Georgia

Graduate School

Applied Computer Science


Technology Learning Center, 1601 Maple Street

Carrollton, GA 30118

United States





Program Information

Degrees Offered:

M.S. - Applied Computer Science

Format: Campus

Program Description:

A student entering this program is normally expected to have undergraduate degree in Computer Science. However, the program is open to all students holding Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees. Students without a degree in Computer Science or students lacking certain background courses are expected to complete undergraduate and/or graduate course work to compensate for deficiencies. There are two plans for degree completion. The first plan, Plan I (with Thesis), is designed for students who plan to pursue further graduate education, or who plan to enter research-related careers. The second plan, Plan II (without Thesis), has two options. The first option, Project Option, is designed for students who wish to pursue further study of an applied area of computer science and plan to join the workforce as computer specialists upon graduation. The second option, All-Course-Work Option, is designed for students who wish to enter industry upon graduation. Persons wishing to have a broad background in computer science often prefer the All-Course-Work option of Plan II. Please note, the Department of Computer Science is currently in the process of transitioning the Master of Science in Applied Computer Science program for 100% online delivery. Although the approval process to make this change official is not yet complete, a summary of the proposed changes is found on our website. All new students will be admitted to the online program.



Facts & Figures

Classification: Master's College or University I

Locale: Fringe Town

Size & Settings: 10,000-19,999

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