Savannah College of Art and Design: Savannah, Georgia

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Savannah College of Art and Design Savannah , GA  
  • Sculpture

    Students work in a range of materials including metals, wood, stone, glasswork and nontraditional media. more >

  • Students learn the design methodologies and professional skills for existing and emerging new media. more >

  • Students synthesize the strengths of design disciplines to holistically address large-scale challenges to the human condition. more >

  • Students learn to conceptualize and design 3-D accessory products as well as execute, present and market their work. more >

  • Students integrate the latest technology with creative artistry, becoming experts in believable illusion. more >

  • Students explore business practices, technologies and design paradigms that focus on user-centric encounters. more >

  • Students address communities, economies and the material fabric that knits these elements together. more >

  • Arts Administration

    Students combine business skills with the tools of community building and a passion for the arts. more >

  • Students combine drawing, images and movements to convey meaning or action, exhibiting technical craft and intuitive expression. more >

  • Students employ tools and workflow used in commercial media production, using state-of-the-art technologies. more >

  • Students combine conceptual, creative and technical skills to create original collections of garments. more >

  • Students acquire the fundamental principles of teaching and learning, and the ability to adapt them to a variety of settings. more >

  • Students learn about creating conditions in which successful new ventures may be conceived, designed, produced and consumed. more >

  • Students gain a background in the traditions of cinema and the theories of storytelling and image making. more >

  • Students learn in an environment emphasizing critical thinking, innovative design and the production of distinctive work. more >

  • Students build on the core skills of research, analysis and writing by participating in internships and conference presentations... more >

  • Fibers

    Students combine historic textile processes and traditions with emerging technologies and ideas from many disciplines. more >

  • Illustration Design

    Students have a unique opportunity to study a wide range of illustration and graphic design to enhance their portfolio. more >

  • Students master the design processes through which products are conceived, developed, fabricated and marketed. more >

  • Students pursue studies in acting, movement, voice-over production, dramatic theory and promotion. more >

  • Printmaking

    Students engage in critical thinking and interdisciplinary study, and balance traditional and contemporary printmaking practice. more >

  • Students identify, research, and creatively address the function, safety and quality of interior environments. more >

  • Students participate in multidisciplinary opportunities and explore architecture within the broader context of visual arts. more >

  • Students engage in dynamic discourse of art history, theory and criticism, culminating in independent research. more >

  • Students acquire the fundamental principles of teaching and learning, and the ability to adapt them to a variety of settings. more >

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