Savannah College of Art and Design: Atlanta, Georgia

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Savannah College of Art and Design Atlanta , GA  
  • Students engage in design thinking, bridging information and purpose to resolve design problems. more >

  • Students integrate the latest technology with creative artistry, becoming experts in believable illusion. more >

  • Students develop analytical and decision-making skills and explore the future role of a high-end, complex market. more >

  • Students experiment with a variety of traditional and contemporary media and techniques to develop their own personal styles. more >

  • Students develop fluency with several camera systems, gaining personal vision and a highly developed degree of visual literacy. more >

  • Students apply design talents and theoretical and methodological skills to craft communications and direct projects. more >

  • Students learn to market themselves and promote their work, pitch their story ideas to publications, and publish their writing. more >

  • Students use conceptual approaches and traditional academic methods, employing a variety of media to develop a personal vision. more >

  • Students combine skills in design, writing, strategic planning and branding to develop marketing campaigns in a range of media. more >

  • Students combine drawing, images and movements to convey meaning or action, exhibiting technical craft and intuitive expression. more >

  • Students learn interactive design, conceptual, technical and analytical skills, and achieve a mastery of industry-standard tools... more >

  • Students develop skills that can be applied to electronic gaming, storyboarding and conceptual art. more >

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