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Liberal Studies: Focused Studies or Interdisciplinary Studies Tracks


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Liberal Studies: Focused Studies or Interdisciplinary Studies Tracks

Format: Campus

Program Description:

The MLA in Liberal Studies offers two “build-your own” tracks.  In the Focused Studies  track, students explore a particular subject from within the larger perspective of the liberal arts, earning 18 of the 33 required hours in a specific discipline. As part of their core requirements, students may take courses in pedagogy and education, theory, or research methods, which would enable them to teach at the community college level (with the 18hrs), continue on for the Ph.D., or work in areas related to their chosen field of study.  In the Interdisciplinary Studies track, students build their own unique degree from various disciplines (e.g., culture and the environment, ethics and the workplace, social justice and engagement, etc.), preparing them for future study or professional careers in related areas, including work for non-profits and other businesses.

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