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Florida State University Tallahassee , FL  
  • This program offers an interdepartmental program leading to a graduate level certificate. more >

  • Coaching Specialization: The course of study for a specialization in coaching includes PEO2013; PET 2303C, 2622C, 4203, 4051; and at least two of the... more >

  • The Florida State University Geography Department emphasizes the investigation of critical issues of society and the physical environment, including the linkages between global and local processes, a hallmark of geographic inquiry. The focus of the depa... more >

  • The Florida State University Department of Statistics offers its 50 graduate students the opportunity to study a wide variety of applied and theoretical subjects. Our multiple programs provide great flexibility and choice to suit the needs of future sci... more >

  • The mission of the International Education program is to prepare individuals to assume leadership roles in education who can: conduct issue- or policy-oriented research or field work regarding the role of education in the development process, critically... more >

  • The Master's Degree in Communication with an emphasis in Integrated Marketing and Communication is designed for students interested in careers that merge advertising, public relations, cross-cultural marketing communication, new communication technologi... more >

  • The Curriculum and Instruction degree with a specialization in Reading and Language Arts educates professionals who work in a variety of areas — early reading and writing instruction, language acquisition and development, K-12 school literacy, post-seco... more >

  • Terminal master's program is a five or six semester non-thesis program offered at our Panama City Campus. more >

  • Our Master of Accounting program provides students with exposure to advanced theories and topics in the field of accounting. It provides you with an opportunity to pursue specialized interests and to broaden your knowledge of the accounting discipline i... more >

  • Career Counselors are professional counselors who work in all kinds of settings to help students, teachers, parents, administrators and others with ca... more >

  • Our faculty have a wide range of research interests and often students will find themselves collaborating with different faculty depending on the project at hand. The common thread between all of the faculty is their passion for understanding and imp... more >

  • The certificate program offers an interdisciplinary approach to the study of the Hispanic market. more >

  • The Masters of Science degree in Sociocultural and International Development Education Studies (SIDES) focuses on understanding social and cultural processes in education, and on preparing students to work in multicultural environments within the United... more >

  • The Combined Doctoral Program in Counseling Psychology and School Psychology is designed to enable students to acquire knowledge and skills necessary... more >

  • Highly qualified graduate students finish the in the Curriculum and Instruction English Education program prepared to meet the demands of the teaching profession in the 21st century. We offer a master’s, specialist, and Ph.D to students already certifie... more >

  • The Department of Biological Science offers both Ph.D. and MS. degrees. Students can specialize in a wide range of subdisciplines within the biological sciences including plant biology and botany. Visit our department's website, and click on "Faculty an... more >

  • Master of Science degree focuses on the development, administration, and evaluation of student affairs programs in postsecondary institutions, and on... more >

  • Learn how our program helps develop independent scientists working at the forefront of discoveries in the field of biophysics. more >

  • J.D. holders the opportunity to concentrate in or enhance their knowledge of environmental law, land use law, natural resources law and energy law. more >

  • Florida State University's Program in Underwater Archaeology (PUA) offers undergraduate courses and M.A. and Ph.D. degrees, providing students with a balanced approach to the study of submerged cultural resources, taking into consideration both historic... more >

  • An interdisciplinary program in demography and population studies within the social and behavioral sciences. Qualified students can complete the degree in three semesters of full time study over a fall-spring-summer calendar year. more >

  • Welcome to Health Education. Health education is any combination of learning opportunities designed to promote behaviors in individuals, groups, or co... more >

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