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Miami International University of Art and Design

Graphic Design


1501 Biscayne Boulevard, Suite 100

Miami, FL 33132

United States

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Graphic Design

Format: Campus

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Virtually anywhere you go, you will find images, layouts, typographical treatments, and fine art that has a basis in graphic design. Every field of endeavor requires design. From visual communications such as corporate identity and logos, to consumer packaging, collateral materials and multimedia presentations, graphic design is employed most anywhere a message or product has to be seen. It is a form of communication that uses images and words to convey meaning, and evoke emotion. The MFA course or study for Graphic Design, offered only at the Miami location, has been developed to guide the student to find out who they are as a designer. This involves a maturation process of discovery and the identification of an area of research to investigate, develop, and master, and thereby find a future path of ongoing growth for the MFA candidate. Through individual exploration and study of the history of art, typography, branding, illustration, and discussion seminars, the program culminates with a thesis project which serves as the final demonstration of student achievement in the graduate program incorporates, advanced scholarship and professional development.



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