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  • Civil Engineering

    Specializations: Environmental and Water Resources Engineering, Structural and Engineering Mechanics, Transportation Systems Engineering, and Geotechn... more >

  • Psychology

    Specializations: Biopsychology, Social Psychology, Personality, Neuropsychology, Developmental, Experimental, and Clinical Psychology... more >

  • Education

    M.A., M.S., Ph.D. specializations: Counseling, School Psychology, Educational Psychology, Educational Administration and Policy, Curriculum and Instru... more >

  • Pharmaceutical Sciences

    In keeping with the University's mission, the College maintains as its primary mission the provision of qualityeducation for all students irrespective... more >

  • Nutritional Sciences

    Specializations: Experimental Nutrition, Nutrition and Community Nutrition... more >

  • Physics and Astronomy

  • French

  • Chemistry

    Specializations: Analytical Chemistry; Atmospheric Chemistry; Biochemistry; Environmental Chemistry; Inorganic Chemistry; Laser Chemistry; Organic Che... more >

  • African Studies

    Areas of specialization: Development and Public Policy Studies; Africa In World Affairs; Language and Literature and the Arts. more >

  • Political Science

    Specializations: American Government and Politics, Public Administration and Public Policy, Comparative Government, International Relations, Political... more >

  • Genetics and Human Genetics

    Biochemical and Molecular Genetics, Cytogenetics, Immunogenetics, Clinical Genetics-Genetic Counseling, Teretology, and Psychosocial Aspects of Geneti... more >

  • English

    Specializations: African American Literature, American Literature, Caribbean Literature, British Literature, and Literary Criticism... more >

  • Physiology and Biophysics

    Specializations: Neurophysiology, Endocrinology and Cellular Physiology, Cardiovascular Physiology, Pulmonary Physiology, Biophysical Cytochemistry, a... more >

  • Anatomy

    The Graduate Program in Anatomy is part of the Howard University Graduate School's rich tradition of academic excellence and its current Master's and... more >

  • Sociology and Anthropology

    M.A., Ph.D. specializations: Criminology, Medical Sociology, Social In... more >

  • Communication and Culture

    M.A., Ph.D. specializations: Rhetoric and Intercultural Communications, Organizational Communication. more >

  • Economics

    Specializations: Development Economics, Human Resource Economics, International Economics, Monetary/Fiscal Economics, and Urban Economics... more >

  • Microbiology

    Specializations: Immunology, Molecular and Cellular Biology, Microbial Genetics, Microbial Physiology, Pathogenic Bacteriology, Medical Mycology, Medi... more >

  • Electrical Engineering

    M.Eng. specializations: Antennas and Microwaves, Solid State Electronics, Control Engineering and Power Systems, Computer Engineering, Communications... more >

  • Mechanical Engineering

    The Department of Mechanical Engineering offers graduate study leading to the Master of Engineering and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in the fields of... more >

  • Systems and Computer Science

    Specializations: Software Engineering, Data Communications, Artificial Intelligence, Operating Systems, Computer Security, and Computer Systems... more >

  • Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

  • Materials Science and Engineering

    Ph.D. specializations: Nanotechnology, Device Characterization... more >

  • Mass Communication and Media Studies

    M.A., Ph.D., Advertising, Communication Policies, Journalism,... more >

  • Chemical Engineering

    The Department offers advanced courses in the traditional core areas, as well as in specialized fields such as: air pollution control engineering, bio... more >