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Colorado State University Fort Collins , CO  
  • The Colorado State University Center for Environmental Medicine addresses significant challenges in environmental toxicology that may affect human health by bringing together global partners and research partners... more >

  • The Department of Soil and Crop Sciences provides a stimulating education and research experience for students seeking M.S. or Ph.D. degrees in the areas of plant, soil, water, and agroecosystem sciences. Graduate programs are developed in applied and... more >

  • The Department of Psychology at Colorado State University offers Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees with a specialization in Applied Social Psychology. Emphasis is placed on developing a strong methodological background and using multipl... more >

  • A cohort-based M.Ed. focusing on the development and licensing of teachers with undergraduate degrees in specific content areas. more >

  • The master's program is designed to increase expertise and research skills in a focused area of research and prepare a student to pursue a career as a supporting researcher in the biotechnology industry. The doctoral program is designed to provide stude... more >

  • Areas of study include: Construction management, Manufacturing/industrial technology, Industrial sciences and technology. more >

  • Areas of study include:Natural resource-based tourismInternational ecotourismWilderness/protected area managementPark and visitor managementNatural resource administrationEnvironmental interpretationEnvironmental educatio... more >

  • Areas of study include: Ethical theory;Animal ethics;International ethics;Environmental ethics;Contemporary philosophical problems;Topics in history o... more >

  • Cell and Molecular Radiobiology; Radioecology; Health Physics; Radiology; Mammalian Radiobiology - Doctorate

    The department offers M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in a variety of areas related to radiation and its biological and health-related effects. Areas of emphasis include cell and molecular radiobiology, mammalian radiobiology, radioecology and risk assessment, n... more >

  • Thank you for your interest in graduate studies in Radiological Health at Colorado State University. We offer master's and doctoral programs in Radiological Health with focus areas in Cancer Biology, Cancer Radiotherapy, Radiobiology, Health Physics, Ra... more >

  • Areas of study include:Chemical EngineeringBiochemical engineering;Advanced materials (semiconductor processing, chemical vapor deposition, polymer materials);Environmental engineering (bioremediation, contaminant transpo... more >

  • The Department of Clinical Sciences offers graduate programs leading to the MS or Ph.D. degrees. The majority require a DVM degree. However, a limited number of programs are available tonon-veterinarians. The department also offers three-year combined g... more >

  • Areas of study include: MA degreeSociological theory; Sociological research methodology; Social change, policy and development;PhD degreeSocial change; Social policy; Social development; Sociological theory; Sociological research met... more >

  • Areas of study include:Economic geology; Environmental geology; Geochemistry; Geography; Geomorphology; Hydrogeology; International watershed management; Land use hydrology; Marine geology; Petrology and mineralogy; Sedimentology and stratigraphy; Snow... more >

  • Areas of study include:DrawingFibersGraphic designMetalsmithingPaintingPrintmakingSculpture... more >

  • Students may obtain a M.S. degree in Health and Exercise Science. more >

  • Areas of study include: Marriage and Family Therapy; Family & Developmental Studies(including life span development, family studies, child life, program planning & evaluation, and intervention); Applied Developmental Science... more >

  • See website at more >

  • Graduate studies in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, a department within the College of Natural Sciences, provide students with the knowledge, communication skills, and technical expertise necessary to become an independent investig... more >

  • Areas of study include:Analytical (electrochemistry, photoelectrochemistry scanning probe microscopes, materials/polymer synthesis and characterization, microfabrication, biological laser spectroscopy and microscopy, plasma chemistry, chemic... more >

  • Graduate Assistantships Available Why choose Colorado State University? The Civil and Environmental Engineering graduate program at Colorado State University is ranked in the top tier of the best engineering schools in the nation by U.S. News and Worl... more >

  • The professional curriculum is a four-year program leading to the doctor of veterinary medicine (DVM) degree. One entering class is selected each year, and successful applicants begin their professional studies in the fall semester. The objective of the... more >

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