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Master of Science in Organizational Psychology


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Program Information

Degrees Offered:

Master of Science in Organizational Psychology

Format: Campus

Program Description:

The mission of the Organizational Psychology program is to prepare students for professional excellence, ethical leadership, and service to people and society through enhancing life in the workplace.

Practice of organizational psychology carries with it a tremendous responsibility. Our work impacts lives of many individuals within organizations, and could make a difference between extremely fulfilling careers and traumatic work experiences, organizational thriving and organizational collapse, sustainable economic development and a cycle of bubbles and crashes. Understanding of this responsibility is the cause of our program commitment to these principles:

  • Commitment to ethics and responsible organizational practice. Values matter. Individual, organizational, and societal outcomes matter. Commitment to values and to our ethical responsibility in organizational practice is not optional. This commitment is our first guiding principle.
  • Evidence-based organizational practice. This commitment stems from our ethical commitment, as well as from the empirical nature of our field. Ethical organizational intervention is also an evidence-based intervention, in which practical decisions are 1) based on thoroughly conducted research studies and 2) supported by solid understanding and appropriate interpretation of research.
  • Simultaneous commitment to organizational interests and employee interests. Sometimes it is assumed that in order to ensure organizational profit/benefit, employees must suffer. Or, that in treating employees well organizations risk their very existence. In our work we strive to demonstrate that it is possible to build thriving, strong, sustainable organizations which bring together thriving, productive, engaged individuals – modern, goal-oriented communities of innovation and commitment to the common vision.


Western Association of Schools and Colleges, Accrediting Commission for Senior Colleges and Universities

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Classification: Baccalaureate College—General

Locale: Midsize City

Size & Settings: 1,000-2,999

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