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Program Information

Degrees Offered:

Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering

Format: Campus

Program Description:

Chemical Engineering is the only engineering discipline that makes extensive use of chemical transformations (i.e., reactions) in addition to physical transformations (such as machining and molding) to achieve added value. Thus Chemical Engineers are employed in virtually all manufacturing industries, from the basic chemical, materials, energy, food, pharmaceutical and microelectronics industries to the myriad consumer product industries, because all manufacturing involve chemical transformations in one way or another. This means that Chemical Engineers must be very broadly educated and trained as well as highly adaptable. To ensure that our graduates are well prepared for graduate studies in Chemical Engineering and in various related fields (such as health sciences and health professions, environmental, biochemical and biomedical engineering), and for employment in the great variety of industries in California, nationally as well as internationally, we establish the four Educational Objectives described below: To provide each student with a rigorous but flexible education in mathematics, basic science and engineering science. These foundational courses will facilitate life-long learning and professional adaptability in today's rapidly changing, highly technological society. To provide the students with a flexible selection of areas of emphasis within the major field of Chemical Engineering and to equip the students with the ability to apply their scientific knowledge and engineering skills to the creative solution of problems. Graduates will have the ability to model, analyze, design and evaluate systems and processes that achieve desired technical specifications subject to economic, environmental and other significant societal impacts. To ensure that students develop effective oral and writing communications skills and the ability to function well within groups in a diverse global economy. To impart to the students the importance of both personal and professional development. Graduates will have an understanding of the importance of high ethical and professional standards and the skills necessary to assume leadership roles. These Objectives were developed by the Chemical Engineering faculty over a period of 2 years. We solicited input from the various constituencies informally. The Objectives will be formally reviewed and revised once every 5 years based on various types of data collected over time.


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Classification: Doctoral/Research University—Extensive

Loans Offered: Financial Aid is available Federal Student Loans. Applicants may apply by completing the FAFSA and applying code 001328. Several scholarships also available.

Locale: Large City

Size & Settings: 0-999

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