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M.A. Graduate Program in Holistic Healing. Spiritual Psychology Counseling, and Life Empowerment Coaching


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Program Information

Degrees Offered:

M.A. Graduate Program in Holistic Healing. Spiritual Psychology Counseling, and Life Empowerment Coaching

Format: Campus

Program Description:

The University of Mount Shasta Masters Program is unique for teaching Spiritual Psychology Counseling, Empowerment Coaching, and Holistic Healing -in 1 powerful year at Majestic Mount Shasta. Instead of lecture and tests, UMS is daily practical learning of effective counseling, coaching, and healing methods that resolve people’s disturbing issues and manifest their heartfelt dreams.

Master Your Higher Calling

Students are challenged into a greater demonstration of Mastery in their lives, with a particular focus of  mastering their Higher Calling.  The Authentic Self in each individual  has a Divine Purpose that can make a huge difference to our planet.  Experience has shown, one’s Calling is one’s self healing shared with the world.  It is ones’s greatest weakness turned into their greatest strength.  The UMS Masters Program facilitates this deep transformation.



§  Resolving one’s own issues (anything that disturbs one’s inner peace) – usually in minutes.

§  Discovering one’s own potential to enjoy sustained happiness.

§  Effectively Healing one’s physical as well as emotional  issues.

§  Facilitating others with effectively healing their physical issues.

§  Facilitating others with effectively resolving their issues.

§  Manifesting greater success and fulfillment personally and professionally.

§  Facilitating others with manifesting their greater success and fulfillment.

§  Upgrading your consciousness and your life by integrating the Principles and Practices of Spiritual Psychology.

§  Mastering powerful Soul-Centered Counseling Skills—tools for soul evolution.

§  Realizing your Soul’s purpose and being encouraged to following through.

§  Fulfilling your deepest aspirations through discovering effective and joy-filled ways of making a meaningful contribution in the world.

§  Participating with a loving community of high-Spirited  individuals.

§  Opportunity to be Certified and supported with starting your professional practice as aLight Body Yoga Instructor.

§  Opportunity to be Certified and supported with starting your professional practice as aAccelerated Healing Practitioner.

§  Opportunity to be Certified and supported with starting your professional practice as a Soul Recovery Coach.

§  Opportunity to be Certified and supported with starting your professional practice as a Intuitive Counselor.

§  Opportunity to be Certified and supported with starting your professional practice as aLife Empowerment Coach.

Birthing Your New Life Paradigm

UMS’s Spiritual Psychology Masters Program is a profound life transformation that is modeled after the 4 stages of pregnancy, to support each student with birthing their New Life Paradigm as follows:

First Trimester

As a graduate student in the first 3 months, your learning focuses on developing essential  living skills and counseling skills for soul evolution in 9 primary areas:

§  Individual Evolution and Realization – Learning to relate to yourself with greater Compassion and Awareness of yourself as a Divine Soul that is already spiritually free.

§  Interpersonal Effectiveness – Learning to relate with others in more accepting, compassionate, discerning, and open-hearted ways.

§  Developing Light Body – Learning how raise your body’s light quotient and scientifically measure your progress.

§  Conscious Breathing – Repatterning one’s Breathing Habit from fear to empowered Breathing for sustained abundant relaxed energy.

§  Conscious Language: Learning to habitually speak for  accelerated manifestation and empowering relationships.

§  Co-Creating with Your divine inner power  to attract your heartfelt dreams via Visioning and Mind-Mapping.

§  Soul-Centered Basic Counseling Skills – Learning 19 Soul-Centered Basic Counseling Skills in service to integrating a Learning Orientation to Life.

§  Soul-Transformation Counseling Strategies – Learning  5 Soul-Transformation Counseling Strategies in service to navigate a wide range of psychological issues.

§  Self-Counseling – Learning to connect with your Inner Counselor, a source of Wisdom, Unconditional Loving, and Compassion that resides at the level of the Authentic Self.

Second Trimester

Students in the middle 3 months APPLY the counseling skills learned in the first trimester to heal their body, emotions, memories, behavior patterns, and relationships.  This deep healing phase that is the bases for profound life transformation is focused in 4 primary areas:

§  Healing of Memories – resolving and reframing past traumatic memories.

§  Healing of Relationships – Transforming your most challenging relationship from  judgment and disappointment to acceptance, and appreciation. Tracking changes in relationship patterns in consciousness is done in service to creating desired change.

§  Emotional Healing – Releasing approximately 100 discovered trapped emotions from the average student;  Clearing unhealthy subpersonalities and developing a more loving and compassionate relationship with oneself.

§  Nurturing – Learning to cultivate attitudes and habits of effective self-care and nurturing of others beyond levels known before.

Third Trimester

Grad students apply the healing they have experienced in the last 3 months to appreciate (raise the value of your life) and co-create with the Universe in 3 primary areas:

§  Re-discovering Abundance Consciousness and generating Prosperity.

§  Developing Intuition and clarity on one’s Higher Calling, and how to follow through.

§  Mastering Your Higher Purpose – Learning to produce successful results in physical world reality as a co-creative process through identifying, designing, implementing, and completing a personally meaningful project that, when accomplished, represents “a difference that truly makes a difference” in your life and other’s lives.  This project may include developing your professional practice.


As a graduate student in the Birth Phase, you break through your resistance to coming out with your gifts in the following 3 ways:

§  Developing a Professional Practice  Students learn experientially how to attract clients, enroll them into a two month paid coaching program. They are supported with developing their excellence as Empowerment Coaches, Spiritual Psychology Counselors, and Holistic healers  with people outside of the program and receive money in return – before they graduate!

§  Mastering Your Purpose Presentation:  Students who elected to do a unique masters project instead of empowerment coaching.

§  Graduation – Celebrating your Coming Out!


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