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Program Information

Degrees Offered:

Ph.D. in Biological Sciences with choice of focus.

Format: Campus

Program Description:

The interdisciplinary graduate program in Cellular & Molecular Biosciences (CMB) carries out recruitment and admissions and provides the first-year curriculum for graduate students who will subsequently enter specialized Ph.D. programs in any of the seven participating academic departments: Biological Chemistry; Developmental & Cell Biology; Microbiology & Molecular Genetics; Molecular Biology & Biochemistry; Pathology and Laboratory Medicine; Physiology & Biophysics The CMB program offers an integrated series of rigorous academic core courses during the first year in order to establish a foundation of knowledge in the relevant disciplines, as well as training in teaching methods and in the responsible conduct of research. CMB also provides opportunities for research rotations in at least two of the laboratories run by more than 145 faculty members participating in the program. During the first year, each student becomes associated with a specialized research area (options listed in the menu bar to the right) and begins participating in research, elective courses, and seminars in appropriate areas. The Masters in Biological Sciences is an option on the path to a PhD, but specific MS programs are not offered. California Residents pay only the "in-state tuition" of $13,146 per year*; however various forms of financial support and aid are frequently available to pay all or some of a student's tuition and living expenses. Check with the graduate affairs advisor in this department for more information. You will want to review UC Irvine's Office of Financial Aid website, too. Non-California, U.S. Residents pay the "out-of-state tuition" rate of $28,518* for only their first year, assuming the student is proactive in satisfying the requirements to formally establish their residency in California. Non-US, international doctoral students pay the "out-of-state tuition" rate of $28,518* for their first few years. Once they have Advanced to Candidacy for the PhD, then there is a 75% reduction in tuition resulting in a total tuition of $13,823* for the following three years. ( * Note: All amounts are the annual amount for the 2010-11 academic year and are calculated as an aggregate of UC Irvine's Fall, Winter & Spring quarters. Rates are subject to change by the Regents of the University of California. Amounts include ~ $800/yr in Health Insurance which a student can be waived by petition providing documented proof of personal medical insurance via an outside provider.)


The University of California at Irvine is accredited by the Western Association of Schools & Colleges. Additionally, the University of California mandates that ALL graduate degree programs undergo a rigorous external review in 5-yr cycles.

International Student Requirements:

International Student Requirements: 1. International Students and students who do not speak English as their native language must submit scores for TOEFL iBT ( overall minimum score of 80). As an option to TOEFL, you may submit scores from the IELTS exam (overall score = 7 .AND. with sub-scores = 6 on each individual IELTS module). 2. Applicants who qualify to serve as Teaching Assistants (TA) may be more competitive for admission. To be eligible to serve as a TA, a TOEFLibt score = 26 on the Speaking component, OR, an IELTS score = 8 on their Speaking module, OR, a score = 50 on the TSE (Test of Spoken English). Official Test Scores must be transmitted to UC Irvine. TOEFLibt scores will be transmitted to UC Irvine when you specify the following on your exam: Institutional Code = 4859, Departmental Code = 47 ** TOEFL/TOEFLibt or IELTS test scores must be = 2 years old as of the first day of classes. Older scores are NOT acceptable.

Facts & Figures

In State Tuition (per year): 14944 USD

Out State Tuition (per year): 30046 USD

Classification: Doctoral/Research University—Extensive

Loans Offered: Tuition assistance is available through student loans

Locale: Midsize City

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