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University of California - Davis Davis , CA  
  • The agricultural and environmental chemistry graduate group is an applied chemistry group which focuses its research efforts on analytical or mechanistic chemistry problems of environmental or agricultural importance. more >

  • The M.S. degree is both an end in itself and a preparation for the Ph.D. degree. The Master's program includes courses emphasizing applications of economic theory and quantitative methods, along with elective field courses. It is usually completed in a... more >

  • The ABGG is an interdepartmental program with 30+ faculty members who study a wide range of animal species and use a variety of theoretical and method... more >

  • Animal Science is an interdisciplinary department, bringing together expertise from different disciplines for the solutio... more >

  • The department offers graduate study in each of the sub disciplines of anthropology: archaeology, linguistic anthropology, biological anthropology, and social anthropology. Specialized training is available in evolution of primate and human behavior, be... more >

  • A major strength of the Department of Applied Science is its access to the scientists and facilities of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Many of the faculty have joint appointments with LLNL. Nearly all students use the facilities of the Labo... more >

  • In a small program with personal attention from faculty and a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary training, students study the theory of art historic... more >

  • The program emphasizes understanding and application of the basic principles of atmospheric dynamics, physics and chemistry within four broad areas of specialization: air quality, meteorology and atmospheric chemistry; Biometeorology and micrometeorolog... more >

  • The program offers specialized advanced work in several disciplinary areas such as nutrition, physiology, reproduction, patholog... more >

  • Graduate work is offered in: protein chemistry, control of gene expression, gene rearrangements, chromosome structure and function, immunochemistry, molecular virology, reproductive biochemistry, structure and function of cell surfaces, protein synthesi... more >

  • Graduate study stresses the use of engineering procedures to solve problems of biological and agricultural systems concerned with food, feed, fiber, and forest products. Programs of study include aqua cultural engineering, food engineering, forest and f... more >

  • Students in this program study the effective integration of engineering with biological and medical sciences, including the modeling of biological systems, and the design of devices and procedures useful for human and veterinary medicine. A strong backg... more >

  • The Biophysics Graduate Group includes faculty with interests in the biophysical aspects of molecular and cellular structure. more >

  • Research strengths are in the areas of membrane biology and biophysics, fertilization, morphogenesis and pattern formation, the cytoskeleton, cytokinesis, and developmental neurobiology. more >

  • The objective of our program is to provide the student with a strong background in modern principles pertaining to Chemical Engineering and Materials Science through formal coursework and original research. The merger of Chemical Engineering and Materia... more >

  • Multidisciplinary, two-year program leading to a MS degree. Program provides students with in-depth knowledge of cognitive and socio-emotional develpm... more >

  • All graduate students have access to well equipped laboratories for research and instruction. The department maintains several UNIX workstations, a Macintosh instructional laboratory, and a network of IBM-compatible computers. Other equipment includes S... more >

  • The Post-Baccalaureate Program in Classics at the University of California, Davis, is designed for students who already have a B.A. more >

  • The community development program is designed to prepare students for careers in community and human services as administrators, designers, planners,... more >

  • The program in Comparative Literature enables graduate students to study several literatures in the original languages and to examine the relations among these and other literatures in a theoretically informed, multicultural perspective. more >

  • Comparative pathology is the study of the causes and nature of disease processes in animals and humans at the level of organ systems, the cell or subcellular mechanisms. Students learn to design and interpret experiments relating to pathological process... more >

  • In order to encourage interdisciplinary research among its faculty and graduate students, the University of California, Davis administers many of its graduate programs through the structure of a graduate group. These groups consist of faculty whose rese... more >

  • The Graduate Program in Cultural Studies at UC Davis emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach to research that includes intersectional analyses of class, gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality, nation, transnationalism, post-colonialism, and related areas o... more >

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