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University of California - Davis Davis , CA  
  • The program in medical informatics is designed to provide knowledge of the way information is handled in the health industry. more >

  • The program seeks to address the changing public health needs of California and the nation by providing a strategic vision of future societal health n... more >

  • At UC Davis School of Law--one of the best, small, publicly funded law schools in the country--a carefully selected student body studies a comprehensi... more >

  • Multidisciplinary, two-year program leading to a MS degree. Program provides students with in-depth knowledge of cognitive and socio-emotional develpm... more >

  • Students study the application of biology and technology for environmentally-safe management of agricultural pests and for profitable production of cr... more >

  • The Summer International Commercial Law LL.M. more >

  • The program of study includes composition/theory, musicology/criticism, or conducting. Composition/theory emphasizes theory, analysis, and composition (and may include work in the Computer and Electronic Music Studio). Musicology emphasizes stylistic st... more >

  • Contemporary studies in Soil Science include examination of: pesticide and trace element adsorption on surfaces, mineral weathering; fate and transport of native and applied chemicals;soil microbiology ecology; nutrient uptake and management; nutrient c... more >

  • Areas of specialization include American government and politics, comparative politics, international relations, methodology, political theory, and public law. Ph.D. candidates must attain competency in a minimum of three fields; an "open" field may be... more >

  • he program offers two courses of study. The general linguistics track prepares students for advanced graduate work at the Ph.D. level and is a supplem... more >

  • The primary goal ofthe program is to provide students with critical skills in theories, methods, and research. more >

  • Both the M.A. and Ph.D. programs in Spanish allow students to emphasize Hispanic literature or Hispanic linguistics. The Ph.D. program requires coursework in the history of the Spanish language, and in literary or linguistic scholarship, and competence... more >

  • UC Davis offers a graduate program in population biology with areas of specialization including population growth, structure and dynamics (basic and a... more >

  • Areas of study in experimental research include astrophysics, atomic physics, condensed matter (solid state) physics, elementary particle physics, environmental physics, low temperature physics and nuclear physics. Theoretical research areas include ato... more >

  • Ours is a fine arts program intended for artists. Students may pursue a range of practices in a variety of media. The course of study is 12 units per... more >

  • The program in textiles is multidisciplinary in nature and unique to the Davis campus. Students emphasize either the physical or behavioral science as... more >

  • The Graduate Group in Nutrition is a cooperative, interdepartmental organization of more than 40 faculty. more >

  • The Department of English offers graduate degrees with concentrations in most fields of British and American literature and in special fields of inquiry such as gender studies, literary theory, and nature and the environment. In addition, it offers an M... more >

  • The ABGG is an interdepartmental program with 30+ faculty members who study a wide range of animal species and use a variety of theoretical and method... more >

  • NSF fellowships-citizens and permanent residents onlyNEAT (Nanophases in the Environment, Agriculture, and Technology) is a multidisciplinary research... more >

  • Students are prepared to accomplish biological and technological improvement in agricultural and natural systems to facilitate social innovation. more >

  • Research interests range from molecular biophysics of channels and receptors through motor control, neuropathology, retinal organization, development... more >

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