Institute of Semantic Information Sciences and Technology

Philosophy, PhD


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Berkeley, CA 94703

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Program Information

Degrees Offered:

Philosophy, PhD

Format: Campus

Program Description:

The Ph.D. in Philosophy requires a minimum of two years and students will often take longer than two years. Applicants must have completed a Master’s degree.

Applicants should fill out and submit the application form. If the applicant has not completed two courses in philosophy in their Master’s degree, then the applicant must appear for an Entrance Exam (also known as the Change of Faculty Exam).

After passing the entrance exam, applicants must appear for the PhD eligibility test (PET) which is conducted two times per year at the University of Mumbai. 

After passing the PhD eligibility test (PET), candidates are required to select a project in consultation with their guide, review the relevant literature and write a Research Proposal.

There is no fixed date for admission to the program and thus admissions are open throughout the year.


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