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Claremont Graduate University Claremont , CA  
  • Our schoolÆs mission is to teach Information Technology in the context of Business and Organizations. To put it another way, we graduate the architects who have a strong grounding in technology from a systems and business standpoint, and who are able to... more >

  • Our program is designed for senior managers with a minimum of 5 years of management or professional experience. more >

  • The CGU English Department is characterized by personal attention, small seminars, and flexibility in designing individual courses of study. The English program emphasizes breadth in American and British literatures as well as areas of concentration in... more >

  • The Ph.D. and M.A. Programs in Education are highly individualized and students may conduct research in the areas of Life-span development; educational organization analysis' the study of higher education, including college student personnel affairs, or... more >

  • The program in Applied Developmental Psychology seeks students committed to the intersection of developmental research and social issues. The program provides theoretical and methodological training in developmental psychology to prepare students for ca... more >

  • The School of Politics and Economics is distinguished by commitment to learning that crosses disciplines in the pursuit of answers to contemporary glo... more >

  • Our programs allow students to continue to study the topics in psychology and the behavioral sciences they are most interested in, while preparing for personally rewarding and lucrative careers. more >

  • The Master of Arts in Arts and Cultural Management (MAACM) combines management, policy and decision-making training with advanced study in the humanit... more >

  • We challenge convention, celebrate individual endeavors, foster collaboration and encourage students to make art that matters. more >

  • Program places main emphasis on the systematics and evolution of higher plants and is designed to fit the needs and interest of individual students. more >

  • The objective of the program is to train future leaders, change agents, scholars, and educators to use psychological and organizational theory and research to improve organizational effectiveness and the work life of all individuals. Most graduates of t... more >

  • Through personal interaction among distinguished faculty and practitioners, the MSHRD program will provide students with the skills to:Design and lead organizational change; Function as strategic business partners as part of the senior leadershi... more >

  • The Department of Politics and Policy weaves broad theoretical concerns about politics and political values with more focused questions of applied policy analysis. The purpose is to prepare students for a variety of careers in university teaching, non-p... more >

  • Offers fully paid internship and results in a preliminary credential for elementary, secondary or special education school teachers along with a maste... more >

  • The School of Politics and Economics is distinguished by commitment to learning that crosses disciplines in the pursuit of answers to contemporary global, national and local issues. In today's world, the discipline of economics and the areas of poli... more >

  • The Master of Science in Financial Engineering (MSFE) is offered jointly by the Peter F. Drucker and Masatoshi Ito Graduate School of Management and t... more >

  • The program in Applied Cognitive Psychology seeks students committed to conducting a strong program of cognitive research on important contemporary issues. All students are actively involved in research throughout their graduate studies. Typically, stud... more >

  • Traditionally, historians have worked in academic settings as scholars and teachers, or in closely related institutions such as libraries, archives, and museums. Increasingly, however, advanced education in history is being regarded as broad based human... more >

  • The program in Applied Social Psychology seeks students committed to conducting rigorous and methodologically sophisticated research on important basic and applied issues. Through training in social psychological theory and methods, the social psycholog... more >

  • By combining traditional modes of scholarship with new methodologies in the social sciences and the humanities, scholars are educated for teaching and research positions. more >

  • The degrees offered in CGU's Philosophy Department provide a solid foundation in the history of Western philosophy, approaching traditional problems and texts in the light of contemporary interests and methods. Work in the Philosophy Department is desig... more >

  • All programs in the Music Department at CGU are designed with special emphasis upon music within its interdisciplinary, cultural, and intellectual context, combining comprehensive training in music literature, historical style analysis, and the study of... more >

  • In recent years, the increasing worldwide recognition of the value of accountability and professionalism has created an intense demand for high quality graduate education in Evaluation and Applied Methods. Building on more than 30 years experience and t... more >

  • Students in the Cultural Studies Department study the nature, origins, production, distribution, and persistence of contemporary and past cultures. The programs approach topics from a variety of perspectives, studying the theories, canons, and paradigma... more >

  • Named after the most influential management thinker of the 20th Century, Peter F. Drucker, the Drucker Graduate School teaches management as a liberal... more >