California Institute of Integral Studies: San Francisco, California

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California Institute of Integral Studies San Francisco , CA  
  • The ecological challenges of the 21st century represent a crisis of values and consciousness. more >

  • The Transitional Doctorate in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine (tDACM) is for graduates from a master’s degree program in acupuncture and Chinese medicine or Oriental medicine who would like to pursue a doctorate... more >

  • Integral Counseling Psychology was the first accredited, transpersonal psychology program in the United States... more >

  • MA Program and PhD Programs will support you in acquiring knowledge in a broad array of Asian cultural and philosophical contexts.The programs attract students who engage in classical subjects with perspectives on spiritual philosophies and traditions... more >

  • Our program trains students to become personally and culturally aware, attuned, and competent drama therapists and psychotherapists... more >

  • The Master of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine (MSTCM) is a comprehensive program designed to help students develop the knowledge and clinical proficiency necessary to become a successful, independent healthcare provider... more >

  • The MA in Women, Gender, Spirituality, and Social Justice (WGS) is a transdisciplinary program that prepares graduates to be change-makers who are guided by a sense of meaning, purpose, and vision. more >

  • The DAOM program is designed for licensed acupuncturists looking to focus on integrative medicine, deepen their TCM knowledge and skills, and specialize in TCM Pain Management or TCM Women's Health... more >

  • The Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine (DACM) is designed for individuals who wish to enter the acupuncture and Chinese medical field at the doctoral level and do not have prior training in acupuncture and Chinese medicine... more >

  • The Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness program has been designed to help shape the intellectual, moral, and spiritual leadership necessary for meeting historic global challenges... more >

  • The PhD in Human Sexuality combines in-depth sexual policy studies, research, and clinical practice. more >

  • This is the only accredited PhD program in the field of Women's Spirituality and one of the few accredited MA programs... more >

  • Pursue your studies in a framework that honors both intellectual inquiry and personal transformation. more >

  • Anthropology and Social Change is a small, innovative graduate department with a particular focus on activist scholarship, militant research, and social change. more >

  • The Somatic Psychology Masters Program prepares students to use both conventional and body-oriented approaches to psychotherapy... more >

  • The Integral Counseling Psychology program at CIIS can also be completed in a full-time weekend format. more >

  • The PsyD Program is carefully designed to prepare students for practice-focused careers in clinical psychology... more >

  • The program integrates a comprehensive education in theories and methods of psychotherapy with intensive training in expressive arts therapy and counseling psychology. more >

  • An innovative interdisciplinary MFA program for a changing world. more >

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