California Institute For Human Science: Encinitas, California

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California Institute For Human Science Encinitas , CA  
  • The Institute offers a unique course of study in its Comparative Religion and Philosophy programs, based upon the life work of Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama. In brief, Dr. Motoyama holds that spiritual experience is an ontologically valid (i.e., real) dimension... more >

  • The Life Physics programs emphasize the body component of the tridimensional model of human life upon which the Institute is founded, i.e., body-mind-spirit. But the tridimensional view does not consider the body in isolation. On the contrary, the Life... more >

  • The primary focus of the Integral Health program is to provide the student with the opportunity to take either a multi-disciplinary or specialized approach to the study of the human condition and experience. The core curriculum in Integral Health provid... more >

  • The core curriculum of the General Psychology M.A. program is designed to provide the entry level graduate student with a solid grounding in the basic science foundations of psychology. Upon successfully completing the core curriculum, the M.A. candidat... more >

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