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Attending Grad School in a Big City

All major cities in the United States have certain things in common that some people desire. For starters, cities offer diversity of culture, food and activities; which can create an exciting backdrop for your grad school experience. There’s never a shortage of things to see and do when you move to a major metro area. Regardless of your preferences, you’ll generally find places which appeal to your interests, filled with like-minded people who share them. Whether you’re into loud clubs or quiet bookstores, you can generally find an abundance of both. Additionally, most cities offer easy access to public transportation, including a wide range of options, like buses, subways, trolleys or taxis. Public transport can be a convenient way for you to explore without the hassle of expensive car payments or insurance. Perhaps most importantly, big cities tend to offer more job opportunities than smaller cities or rural locations, which might make finding a job after graduation a little less daunting. If you’re a big city person (or want to be one), then click a link below to browse grad schools in one of these popular cities: