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University of Arizona Tucson , AZ  
  • The program emphasizes research training. more >

  • The graduate program leading to the Master's Degree in Art History provides both a broad-based and methodologically critical foundation. The recently added Ph.D. program in the History and Theory of Art is a collaborative program with Arizona State Univ... more >

  • Rios Associates. Health professional intensive medical Spanish four day programs offered at various sites in California and the Southwest, and one wee... more >

  • Students can choose to emphasize areas such as irrigation and water resource engineering, agricultural engineering., biosystems engineering, or bioenvironmental engineering. Sensors, computer analysis, and high tech developments are emphasized. more >

  • Designed for middle and high school biological science teachers, this program combines biology content with modern teaching methods. more >

  • The Master of Arts is a thesis optional degree available for those students who desire to pursue a research-based program. The Ph.D. is a research degree that prepares candidates for research and university teaching. more >

  • The Gerontology and Geriatrics certificates and the Ph.D. minor are 15 unit programs. Admission is as a "non-degree seeking student" at the University of Arizona. more >

  • The Master of Public Health (MPH) program, designed to be an interdisciplinary professional degree program, provides an opportunity for students to obtain broad knowledge and skills in the core areas of public health. Students are able to acquire profi... more >

  • Retailing and Consumer Sciences (RCSC) offers "cutting-edge" programs, focusing on retailing and consumer sciences, that lead to both Master's of Science (M.S.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) programs. The Ph.D. program prepares students for faculty p... more >

  • The School of Anthropology’s Master of Arts program offers two tracks: one Master’s track is configured as a gateway to the School’s doctoral program, and a second is a specialized Master’s degree in applied archaeology that i... more >

  • The M.S. program is an ASHA accredited two-year course of study that includes a variety of clinical training opportunities for students desiring a career in speech-language pathology or audiology. The Ph.D. program is designed to prepare students to emb... more >

  • Interdisciplinary planning program prepares students to solve land use and transportation problems in contemporary society. The 2 year M.S. more >

  • The Nutritional Sciences Department at the University of Arizona offers graduate programs leading to a Master of Science degree and a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Nutritional Sciences under the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Our interdis... more >

  • Candidates for the graduate program in Pharmaceutical Sciences are selected on a competitive basis and are admitted only in the fall semester for each year. A bachelor's degree in pharmacy or a Pharm.D. degree is generally preferred for Pharmaceutical E... more >

  • Particular subareas of study emphasized by the department include regional development and economic geography, physical and environmental geography, and cultural and social geography. more >

  •  The School of Architecture offers three Master's degree programs:   The post-professional M.S.Arch degree for individuals who have a professional, five-year Bachelor of Architecture degree, can be completed in 1.5 years.  The M.A... more >

  • The Ph.D. program in Economics prepares students for faculty positions in colleges and universities and for senior level research positions in government and private industry. The Department also offers two program options for the Master of Arts degree:... more >

  • The department offers programs leading to a master of science in Management with a concentration in Finance (MMF) and the Doctor of Philosophy in Management degree with a major in Finance (Finance Ph.D.). more >

  • The department offers programs leading to the Master of Science and the Doctor of Philosophy degrees with a major in Hydrology (subareas of surface hydrology, subsurface hydrology, environmental hydrology, and water resources systems) and a major in Hyd... more >

  • The Department offers a diversified, balanced program of study including courses in literature, grammar, conversation, linguistics, and culture. more >

  • The Master of Agricultural Education develops academic abilities in agricultural subject matter, instructional techniques and methods, program plannin... more >

  • The department offers three programs: Master of Arts in Educational Psychology with concentrations in Educational Psychology or Physical Education; Master of Education in School Counseling and Guidance, and Doctor of Philosophy with a major in Education... more >

  • Research in aerospace engineering covers the fields of aeronautics and space technology. Research in mechanical engineering includes the areas of fluid mechanics, solid mechanics, dynamic/computational mechanics, control systems and thermosciences. The... more >

  • We offer a multidisciplinary program leading to the Doctor of Philosophy degree with a major in planetary sciences. Areas of specialization include, but are not restricted to, the experimental, observational, and theoretical study of planetary atmospher... more >

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