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University of Alabama - Huntsville Huntsville , AL  
  • The Master of Arts in Public Affairs is designed to provide students with the knowledge and understanding that is required to relate effectively to th... more >

  • The electrical engineering program includes specialization to suit the desired needs of students. more >

  • The MSIAS degree is a unique program in that it is an inter-disciplinary program of study among three colleges... more >

  • Specific areas within the department include theoretical computer science, languages and systems, software engineering, artifici... more >

  • The Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) focus is to prepare expert practitioners who can also serve as clinical faculty. more >

  • The MSIAS degree is a unique program of study among three colleges, Business Administration, Engineering and Computer Science. more >

  • The Biotechnology Science and Engineering program is an interdisciplinary Ph.D. program. more >

  • Emphasis areas: 1) Space Sciences 2) Optics/quantum electronics 3) Solid state/materials... more >

  • The Biological Sciences Department at UAH has offered the Masters of Science degree for more than 20 years. more >

  • The Dept of Civil and Environmental Engg offers grad students opportunities for advanced work in structural engineering,... more >

  • The Master's Program Individual programs of study leading to the Master's degree are designed to meet the particular needs of the individual stud... more >

  • The Modeling and Sim Program is an interdisciplinary program committed to research in and advancement of this expanding field. more >

  • The program in Psy is directed toward the student whose goal is the continuation of scholarly study, research, and writing. more >

  • Research focuses on the relations between the structure of materials/properties and synthesizing/ processing these materials. more >

  • Atmospheric science students come from a variety of backgrounds including mathematics, physics, chemistry, computer science, and engineering, as well... more >

  • The M.Acc. program provides students with the background necessary to enter a career in public, private, or gov't accounting. more >

  • The M.S.A.S.E. requires a minimum of 34 hours and students may select a concentration in Aviation or Missile Systems. more >

  • Students applying for the master’s program in computer engineering are expected to have an undergraduate background in... more >

  • The MS-IS provides adv prep as a specialist to enter a professional career involving the use, definition, analysis,... more >

  • M.S.E. and Ph.D. offered in Mechanical or Aerospace Engineering. M.S. and Ph.D. offered in Aerospace Systems... more >

  • The English Department is committed to excellence in teaching, research, and service in the following disciplines: British... more >

  • The Department of ISE offers major options in the subject areas of operations research, systems... more >

  • The graduate program in history rests solidly upon the American and European fields of study, with more intensive focus in graduate studies upon histo... more >

  • The MBA program is an interdisciplinary curriculum applying advanced technology and behavioral concepts crucial to business... more >

  • Chemical Engg program offers grad students opportunities for advanced work in processes, reaction engg, electro-chemical systems... more >