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University of Alabama at Birmingham Birmingham , AL  
  • The Department of Biomedical Engineering at UAB works in conjunction with UAB Hospital, other university researchers, and industrial collaborators to solve problems in medicine and biology through the application of engineering analyses and techniques. more >

  • Graduate Biomedical Sciences is an umbrella program of eight interdisciplinary PhD training themes... more >

  • An integrated program of statistical applications and statistical theory. Biomathematics is also available. more >

  • The Graduate Program in Civil Engineering integrates theory and techniques to enhance the civil engineer's ability to provide practical solutions to problems in environmental, geotechnical, highway construction, transportation engineering, and other civ... more >

  • The Integrative Biomedical Sciences (IBS) Graduate Program is to prepare students with basic science and/or clinical interests to pursue an academic o... more >

  • Over 60 primary and secondary faculty members who are well-funded and training approximately 30 graduate students (all on fellowship) in cellular and... more >

  • M.A. program maintains four-field approach with core courses in each area; cooperative program with the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa. more >

  • The N.A.S.P.A.A.-accredited Master in Public Administration Program at U.A.B. prepares individuals for positions of leadership in the public and nonprofit sectors of the economy. The program reflects the mission of providing an applied public administra... more >

  • The interdisciplinary CMDB theme at UAB emphasizes enthusiasm for scientific discovery through rigorous experimentation. more >

  • The Department of Art History offers a joint program with the University of Alabama (Tuscaloosa) leading to the Master of Arts degree in art history. more >

  • Program is 30 hours (thesis option), 36 hours (non-thesis option) with required courses in theory, quantitative methods, administration, and policy; P... more >

  • Our program offers unique interdisciplinary training to physics students in a broad area of advanced materials, optics, biophysics, astrophysics and computational physics. Our interdisiplinary research and training are continually expanding in the area... more >

  • ancer Biology theme trains a new generation of cancer biologists to make significant contributions to basic/clinical research. more >

  • The department offers programs of study and research leading to the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in computer and information sciences. Fields of specialization that reflect the interests of the faculty include computer graphics and vision, object-oriented dis... more >

  • The Department of Neurobiology offers students interested in the nervous system a program of study that leads to the Ph.D. in Neurobiology or a combin... more >

  • UAB's Genetics and Genomic Sciences Graduate (GGS) provides students with an outstanding, flexible, didactic training experience to prepare them for independent and innovative careers in research. We emphasize a broad approach to the fundamental princi... more >

  • A certificate in gerontology is awarded to recognize completion of a structured program of graduate work in this area. more >

  • Post-professional development for Medical Technologists and career entry for science majors with an interest in diagnostic laboratory science. more >

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