University of the West of England, Bristol

University of the West of England

Built Environment Research


St Matthias Campus

Oldbury Court Road

Bristol, England

United Kingdom

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Built Environment Research

Format: Campus

Program Description:

Research skills, an understanding of research, and reflective practitioners are increasingly sought in the labor market. This award offers a flexible series of options for obtaining a rigorous training in research methodology and methods applied to the needs of Built Environment researchers and for engaging in postgraduate research. The MSc was recognized in 1999 by the ESRC as a Research Training Designated Masters Course (RT). At the time of writing all ESRC recognized outlets are required to reapply for recognition. The results should be known in January 2002. The award is intended to except students from the foundational training for doctoral study under the ESRC 1 + 3 model where 1 is the full-time foundational training year.


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