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MA in Social Anthropology



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MA in Social Anthropology

Format: Campus

Program Description:

The programme aims to provide students with an advanced understanding of current theoretical and methodological debates within Social Anthropology. It is intended to enable students to evaluate the contribution of Social Anthropology as a discipline within the social sciences and humanities. There is a strong element of ‘learning by doing’ in the MA in Social Anthropology. Students initiate their own projects in some of the modules. Exposure to the practicalities of collecting data is complemented by modules in which students critically evaluate published research focusing on anthropological theories and the application of research in different social contexts. Students therefore acquire practical knowledge and expertise in ethnography, so that they can critically evaluate anthropological methodologies and prepare and carry out their own practical work in the discipline. This MA encourages students to consider the application of anthropological knowledge to contemporary issues and how to enhance their understanding of the society in which they live. In sum, the programme provides an understanding of both historical and contemporary issues within social anthropology and it enables students to apply anthropological and ethnographic methods and analyses to a range of situations. In addition, students will be equipped with library research skills and use of information technology, providing them with skills applicable to a variety of work situations.
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