University of Wales - Aberystwyth

School of Management and Business

Biological Sciences


Postgraduate Admissions Office, Old College, King Street

Aberystwyth, Wales

United Kingdom

Program Information

Degree Offered:

PGDip - Agricultural Biochemistry;PGDip - Biological Electron Microscopy;PGDip - Environmental Impact Assesment;PGDip - Environmental Rehabilitation;PGDip - Environmental Auditing;PGDip - Cell and Molecular Genetics of Crop Plants, M.Sc. - Agricultural Biochemistry;M.Sc. - Plant Biochemistry;M.Sc. - Plant Physiology;M.Sc. - Soil Science and Plant Performance;M.Sc. - Biochemistry;M.Sc. - Biological Electron Microscopy;M.Sc. - Environmental Impact Assesme, Ph.D. - by Research

Format: Campus