University of Surrey



School of Management, University of Surrey

Guildford, England

United Kingdom

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Format: Campus

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The MBA is widely recognised as the most appropriate educational qualification for future senior managers and executives. In keeping with the ethos of the University of Surrey, the Sems MBA aims to provide a programme which is both educationally sound and directly relevant to those areas of industry , commerce, the professions and public-service which MBA graduates tend to enter. The MBA, as its name implies, indicates managerial competence in a variety of applied skills. The overall objective of the Sems MBA is to develop analytical abilities, using concepts derived form a wide range of academic disciplines, directed towards business problem solving in an international environment, This aim will be achieved throughout he provision of compulsory core modules of study, supplemented by a wide range of focussed modules, thereby allowing for some flexibility and individual choice of specialist streams. The Sems MBA is designed to reflect standards of academic excellence of the University of Surrey and the needs and expectations of the future career development of participants.
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