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Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

MSc in Environmental Entrepreneurship


International Office

50 Richmond Street

Glasgow, Scotland

United Kingdom

Program Information

Degrees Offered:

MSc in Environmental Entrepreneurship, Research Degrees: Ph.D.

Format: Campus

Program Description:

The environment is the new entrepreneurial frontier. There is growing worldwide demand for renewable energy, technologies and products that address climate change, promote sustainability and improve environmental quality. This innovative MSc in Environmental Entrepreneurship has been designed to respond to the urgent need for a new generation of environmental entrepreneurs. The MSc aims to provide students with a sound theoretical and practical understanding of entrepreneurship, in preparation for a career in either self-employment or in an innovative organisation. Through this MSc students will learn how to identify, assess and shape environmental ideas into real business opportunities.Addressing environmental problems requires ingenuity. Entrepreneurship places emphasis upon the range of skills and understanding needed in order to make something of value actually happen - whether this is establishing a new enterprise, transforming an existing business or ensuring someone achieves positions of leadership in a corporate setting. Environmental entrepreneurship can take place through new product design, new technologies, and new organizational arrangements. The course aims to create a whole new generation of ecopreneurs with the skills that will allow them to launch new ventures, strategies, products, and technologies that address society's environmental and natural resource problems. The course is not just about green industries. It is also about developing 'win-win' strategies, which simultaneously protect the environment and save money, in any kind of organisation. The course aims to develop management, consultancy, business, engineering and technology professionals who have reached a stage in their careers when they are seeking or achieving increasing responsibility, or would like to a refocus their career on environmental, or sustainable, entrepreneurship.


All our MSc courses* are accredited by the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) as meeting the requirements for Further Learning for Chartered Engineer (CEng) Status under the provisions of UK-SPEC. (*except MSc Environmental Health which is accredited by REHIS.)
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