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MSc Allergy


Southampton Management School

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Southampton, England

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Degrees Offered:

MSc Allergy

Format: Hybrid

Program Description:

Our MSc Allergy course is designed to help health care professionals including GPs, hospital-based doctors, nurses, dieticians and professionals in many health care sectors to gain a greater understanding of allergic diseases and to be able to translate this knowledge into their everyday practice. This part-time course provides flexibility to enable you to study alongside your other commitments. The programme can be tailored to fulfil your career aspirations, with individual planning for each student when they start the course. This programme aims to develop knowledge and understanding of the mechanisms and management of allergic disease. It is also available as a Postgraduate Diploma and Postgraduate Certificate. The core module gives a comprehensive overview of the mechanisms and management of allergic diseases, and we offer a widespread range of optional modules. We offer a high level of support, both for your hospital-based and distance learning. There is also an excellent distance learning library, with access to many online journals and course documentation to ensure you are well supported in your study This postgraduate education programme provides health care professionals with effective education and training in the mechanisms, diagnosis, treatment and management of allergic disease. It will enable you to manage both adults and children with allergy more effectively. Through the knowledge and understanding you will gain with us, you will also be able to develop and improve your health care provision, through your ability to cascade education to your colleagues, and adult and paediatric patients and their families. The programme provides opportunities for you to develop and demonstrate scientific understanding, clinical knowledge, practical skills, and critical thinking qualities. This programme aims to: Enhance your educational and professional expertise in all core areas of allergy, having developed appropriate knowledge, understanding and professional skills to improve your practice. Develop your ability to integrate research evidence into all aspects of decision making and to apply knowledge, analytical and critical thinking skills to make sound judgements about data applicable to the care of allergic patients. Enable you to demonstrate leadership in clinical allergy and allergy-related issues. Evaluate the psychological impact of living with allergy so that through empathy, the diagnosis, management and eventual compliance of patients can be improved. Develop your approach to solving problems, building on a logical and hierarchical approach that allows you to justify personal and professional decisions through critical evaluation and synthesis of relevant theories, empirical evidence and experience to best optimise professional practice. Develop strategies for your continuing professional development (CPD) and lifelong learning in relevant aspects of allergy. Apply an evidence-based approach to critically evaluate current literature, and develop the skills needed to successfully complete a research project or professional review.


University of Southampton

International Student Requirements:

All students should meet the University's English Language requirements. US students who have been taught and assessed in English do not need to provide evidence of their ability.

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