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MA Bible and Postcolonial Studies

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The biblical texts were formulated in the contexts of major world empires (Persian, Greek, etc.). Over time, key texts from the Bible fed into imperial visions, supporting and justifying dominant ideologies from the Roman Empire through to the British Empire, with effects which continue in various forms of contemporary imperialism.

Yet biblical texts have also provided inspiration for the colonized, supporting their rejection of Empire, and equipping them to negotiate with and/or subvert the colonizers.

The biblical texts have been interpreted afresh, for good or ill, in previously colonized lands. While new identities are forged, the influence and memories of imperialism are never far away. Throughout these diverse settings, concepts of race, ethnicity, gender, class, and religion develop in ways which continue to draw on and react to the Bible.

The MA in the Bible and Postcolonial Studies is an innovative and flexible Masters programme. Through a combination of class-work, reading and independent research, you will interact with the different theoretical approaches to postcolonial studies and the ways they apply to biblical texts.

Specialising in postcolonial interpretation, you will develop a broader knowledge of the field, before undertaking an individual research project. Areas of study may include critical theory, reception history, historiography, literary analysis, and cultural studies.

The MA is suitable as a pathway from BA study to further research, but it is also accessible for those who wish to pursue a particular interest without committing to longer-term research.

Sheffield is recognised as a pioneering centre for postcolonial study of the Bible, generating cutting-edge scholarship in an area of research that continues to expand and change.


We are pleased to offer the Sheffield Scholarship 2016 to all US students commencing a Taught Masters programme in September 2016. The scholarships are: • £2,000 if your tuition fees are between £14,500 and £16,500 • £2,500 for each student paying fees of £16,501 and upwards We also offer scholarships of 50% of the course fee which will be offered on the basis of academic merit.
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