University of Lancaster

Institute for Cultural Research

Social Psychology


Bowland College

Lancaster, England

United Kingdom

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Social Psychology

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Our research on infancy includes work on spatial cognition (Gavin Bremner); visually guided reaching in normal and premature infants (Brian Hopkins and Stefan Vogt); the prenatal development of posture (Brian Hopkins); parent-infant relationships (Charlie Lewis) and infant crying (Brian Hopkins). Research on child development includes studies on the theory of mind (Charlie Lewis); children's thinking and reasoning (Eugene Subbotsky); fatherhood and the development of family relationships (Charlie Lewis); the origins of clumsiness in children (Mary Smyth); visual control of posture in Down's syndrome children (Brian Hopkins); working memory in children (incl. the development of executive processes, vocabulary acquisition, and visuo-spatial memory) and children's arithmetic (Graham Hitch).


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