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University of Lancaster Lancaster , England  
  • Electromagnetic inductance tomography (EMT) accounts for a considerable fraction of the group's current research effort on sensor systems. The work involves research and development of multiple coils inductive sensing systems for tomographic imaging and... more >

  • This course has a very flexible scheme of study emphasising the problem-solving role of the analyst. The course can be taken full-time or in several part-time ways, tailored to fit in with the student's working week.Students undertake a series of projec... more >

  • Future broadcast standards are aimed at extending the high quality of audio and video material provided by the use of all-digital signalling directly to viewer as well as providing interactive services which will revolutionise the broadcasting industry. more >

  • This is a flexible scheme offered by the Centre for Applied Statistics and the Faculty of Social Sciences. Itdraws upon the acknowledged strengths of social science and social statistics at Lancaster and has mode Aapproval by the ESRC for research stude... more >

  • The course addresses the basic design of a satellite system, including the hostile environment which the satellite has to withstand, and the calculation of the appropriate satellite orbit. The propagation of radio signals between ground and satellite is... more >

  • There is close co-operation between the staff of the Centre and the statisticians in the Mathematics and Statistics Department. This research group provides a stimulating and supportive environment, ideal for the graduate researcher wishing to develop a... more >

  • In the Executive MBA organisations form a consortium to sponsor students on the programme. Companiescurrently include BNFL, the Benefits Agency, Cumbria County Council, Halifax Building Society, InformationTechnology Services Agency, Lucas Body Systems,... more >

  • This programme provides advanced study of accounting and financial management. It enables professionally qualified accountants to take stock of what they have learnt in practice, and helps able graduates to extend their academic training to the frontier... more >

  • This is a special part time programme designed for students who are resident in Greece, and aims to provide a general appreciation of the technology behind modern advanced communications systems. Topics covered include Digital Signal Processing, Modem D... more >

  • This programme is designed to bring together both theoretical and practical concerns. more >

  • Our research on infancy includes work on spatial cognition (Gavin Bremner); visually guided reaching in normal and premature infants (Brian Hopkins an... more >

  • This programme has been prepared specifically for students who have embarked on or are seeking careers in the defence field, whether in government, th... more >

  • The Engineering Design Centre (EDC) is the national centre for research in the conceptual stage of engineering design. It was founded in 1990 in recognition of the international reputation of the Engineering Department at Lancaster University for pionee... more >

  • Your main energies will be directed towards the preparation of a dissertation. more >

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