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University of Edinburgh Edinburgh , Scotland  
  • Whether you want to explore slavery, the Civil Rights Movement or the Cold War, join us and you will work with one of the largest and most eminent groups of American historians outside of the United States. more >

  • Join a large and diverse collection of medieval scholars and explore the history of Europe from AD 400 to 1500... more >

  • Explore some of the most important developments in human history with a degree in Archaeology... more >

  • The taught Master’s in Late Antique, Islamic and Byzantine Studies offers you the opportunity to study a seminal period of world history, and the rich cultures of the long Late Antiquity and the Islamic and Byzantine Middle Ages. more >

  • Join one of the UK's leading centres for the study of the ancient world. more >

  • Our MSc in Mediterranean Archaeology allows you to explore this culturally rich and varied region by time period, geographical areas and themes... more >

  • Join one of the largest Classics departments in the UK and develop your interests across the entire discipline, from Greek and Latin literature, to Greek and Roman history, to classical art and archaeology. more >

  • Our MSc in Human Osteoarchaeology provides the skills required to understand skeletal biographies and interpret them in their cultural context... more >

  • This MSc programme explores Scotland’s past across a broad chronological period – from the early medieval period to contemporary developments, whilst also comparing Scotland’s position in a global context... more >

  • The University is home to one of the largest groups of historians in the UK. Our research interests cover just about every major area of historical inquiry, from medieval Scotland to revolutionary America, and much else besides. more >

  • In the era of ever-increasing amounts of data there is a demand for graduates with the ability to analyse data and help organisations with decision making. Combining up-to-the-minute theory with practical application to help you prepare for the job m... more >

  • An MBA from Edinburgh, one of the top 25 global universities, is highly regarded... more >

  • Our Masters focuses on the challenges faced in today's globalisation context and attracts a wide range of students who in the past year have ended up working in over 20 different countries... more >

  • Our Masters will enable the professional development of future HR managers with an international perspective. Get equipped by one of the top 25 global universities. more >

  • Graduate recruits with entrepreneurial skills are an asset to any company, established or start-up, because they will be able to spot gaps in the market and innovate. more >

  • Combining up-to-the-minute theory with practical application, our Masters in Finance will prepare you for a great number of career options... more >

  • The aim is to give students the knowledge and key skills that are required by HR professionals and to enable students to effectively contribute to dynamic organisations. Get equipped with a Masters from a top 20 University. more >

  • This programme is designed therefore to provide an insight into the theories and practical skills needed for successful management and, through that, a successful business. Get equipped with a Masters from a top 20 University. more >

  • This programme, when it launched, was the world's first Masters in Carbon Finance. It is dedicated to producing professionals in the carbon market and climate change investment field who are keen to make a difference. more >

  • Want to be part of the growing global bioeconomy, particularly development and innovation within biotechonology and life sciences? Our one-year Masters in Management of Bioeconomy Innovation and Governance responds to demand for highly skilled graduates... more >

  • Based in a UNESCO World City of Literature, this one-year taught Masters programme compares literary works from different languages and cultures, and the relationship of literature to other art forms. more >

  • Based in the first UNESCO World City of Literature, this one-year taught Masters programme focuses on creative and critical skills in fiction or poetry, with a strong practical element and peer support. more >

  • With a wide range of languages offered, this one-year taught Masters programme will enhance your practical skills in, and theoretical understanding of, translation as an activity. more >

  • Choose from a range of taught masters programmes in Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies, focusing on either area studies training, or a combination of intensive language study with the interdisciplinary exploration of societies and cultures. more >

  • Drawing on unparalleled staff expertise on the region, and multiple disciplines, this one-year taught Masters programme will help you critically engage with the factors shaping East Asian relations. more >