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University of Edinburgh Edinburgh , Scotland  
  • Ideal course for those seeking the knowledge, understanding and key skills that will enable you to be effective risk analysts and managers in financial institutions, especially banks, in any country in the world. more >

  • This prestigious masters programme provides the opportunity to study the fundamentals of international law and international relations at an advanced level in a unique and diverse environment. more >

  • This unique opportunity provides the option to study a full generalist or specialist legal masters programme at a world-leading institution, while at the same time gaining a solid grounding in Modern Standard Chinese language (Mandarin). more >

  • This specialist and popular masters programme aims to provide an in-depth knowledge and critical understanding of the institutions, rules and principles of the international economic system, as well as of key legal and policy issues arising from the glob... more >

  • This degree offers an advanced insight into the practical and theoretical concepts underpinning the legal and regulatory infrastructure of global finance. An essential asset for anyone aspiring to a successful career within International financial and re... more >

  • This masters programme examines in detail a diverse cross-section of topics such as genetics, assisted reproduction, transplantation, mental health, assisted suicide, and more, that reflect the legal and ethical challenges faced by those working in and a... more >

  • This programme is designed to equip you with an advanced knowledge and understanding of intellectual property law within an international, European and domestic (UK) setting. more >

  • This Masters by Research programme allows students to undertake independent research into their chosen field of law, under expert supervision through completion of a 30,00 word dissertation. It is an ideal step for those seeking to pursue a PhD. more >

  • The programme is designed to provide you with a theoretical and practical understanding of international human rights law in its broader political context, with a particular emphasis on the relationship between human rights and conflict resolution. more >

  • This masters programme addresses the global demand for specialist legal knowledge in Environmental Law, providing an inter-disciplinary curriculum and serving as a gateway to employment and research opportunities in environmental law, protection and regu... more >

  • This is a conversion programme for those who already possess an undergraduate qualification in a subject other than law, or who posses a law degree from a non-Scottish University, and wish to enter into training for the Scottish Legal Profession. more >

  • This programme provides an excellent opportunity to study new global developments in the field of crime, criminal law, justice and security. more >

  • EU law is a complex and fascinating subject with an ever-increasing impact upon global policymaking. Our academics are at the forefront of EU Law research making this programme a significant asset to anyone seeking a rewarding career in law, business, po... more >

  • Whether you want to pursue a career in criminal justice or criminology, or are already working these fields and looking to develop, on this master’s programme you will engage with the latest research in these fields, supported by leading experts. more >

  • This general LLM programme is the ideal choice for students wishing to expose themselves to diverse areas of advanced legal scholarship... more >

  • In the era of ever-increasing amounts of data there is a demand for graduates with the ability to analyse data and help organisations with decision making. Combining up-to-the-minute theory with practical application to help you prepare for your career. more >

  • This innovative programme aims to transcend a narrow focus on legal rules and put the study of corporate law in a wider interdisciplinary and comparative framework. more >

  • This programme, when it launched, was the world's first Masters in Carbon Finance. It is dedicated to producing professionals in the carbon market and climate change investment field who are keen to make a difference. more >

  • This LLM offers a qualification that combines considerable academic interest with professional utility, providing a comparative insight into both the modern development of the key areas of private law, and also the dynamics of European harmonisation init... more >

  • Graduate recruits with entrepreneurial skills are an asset to any company, established or start-up, because they will be able to spot gaps in the market and innovate. more >

  • The aim is to give students the knowledge and key skills that are required by HR professionals and to enable students to effectively contribute to dynamic organisations. Get equipped with a Masters from a top 20 University. more >

  • This programme provides an excellent grounding for the future study of commercial law, for those intending to enter legal practice, or for those intending to pursue a career in the commercial world... more >

  • An MBA from Edinburgh, one of the top 25 global universities, is highly regarded... more >

  • Combining up-to-the-minute theory with practical application, our Masters in Finance will prepare you for a great number of career options... more >

  • This masters programme aims to help you understand the key concepts and theories underpinning criminal law and criminal justice and how they operate in practice, preparing you for a professional or academic career in these fields. more >

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