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  • Finance

    Combining up-to-the-minute theory with practical application, our Masters in Finance will prepare you for a great number of career options. Our programme allows you to specialise in: Corporate Finance, Energy Markets or Investment to tailor your studies to your career aspirations. more >

  • MA/MFA Design Informatics

    Design Informatics focuses on designing with data and sees designers work alongside programmers, computer scientists and entrepreneurs to develop digital, physical and networked artefacts. ... more >

  • MA Contemporary Art Theory

    Develop your skills in curating, art writing, visual and materials cultures and arts education. Many of our graduates are selected for major residences and awards and go on to work as curators, art writers and academics. more >

  • Business Analytics

    In the era of ever-increasing amounts of data there is a demand for graduates with the ability to analyse data and help organisations with decision making. Combining up-to-the-minute theory with practical application to help you prepare for the job market. more >

  • MSc Contemporary History

    Has the end of the Cold War created a ‘new world order’? Has 9/11 changed our world forever? By exploring such questions critically and analytically, you’ll understand the present through exploration of the recent past. more >

  • MSc Archaeology

    Explore some of the most important developments in human history with a degree in Archaeology from a world top 20 university (QS World University Rankings 2016-17). ... more >

  • MSc Medieval History

    Join a large and diverse collection of medieval scholars and explore the history of Europe from AD 400 to 1500. more >

  • MSc History

    The University is home to one of the largest groups of historians in the UK. Our research interests cover just about every major area of historical inquiry, from medieval Scotland to revolutionary America, and much else besides. more >

  • MSc American History

    Whether you want to explore slavery, the Civil Rights Movement or the Cold War, join us and you’ll work with one of the largest and most eminent groups of American historians outside of the United States. more >

  • MSc Human Osteoarchaeology

    Join a world top 20 university (QS World University Rankings 2016-17) and learn how to identify, analyse and interpret human skeletal remains recovered during archaeological excavation... more >

  • Management

    This programme is designed therefore to provide an insight into the theories and practical skills needed for successful management and, through that, a successful business. Get equipped with a Masters from a top 20 University. more >

  • International Business and Emerging Markets

    Our Masters focuses on the challenges faced in today's globalisation context and attracts a wide range of students who in the past year have ended up working in over 20 different countries. Our Masters focuses on the challenges faced in today's globalisation context and attracts a wide range of students who in the past year have ended up working in over 20 different countries. more >

  • Carbon Finance

    This programme, when it launched, was the world's first Masters in Carbon Finance. It is dedicated to producing professionals in the carbon market and climate change investment field who are keen to make a difference. more >

  • MSc Psychology of Individual Differences

    An exciting opportunity to gain skills in the two key subdivisions in the study of human individual differences: personality and mental abilities. more >

  • MSc Evolution of Language & Cognition

    This interdisciplianary programmes tackles questions on the mechanisims of biological, cultural and linguistic evolution. more >

  • MSc Mind, Language & Embodied Cognition

    This programme examines the wide landscape of issues that arise where philosophy of mind meets the study of psychology, linguistics, and cognitive science. more >

  • MSc Cognition in Science & Society

    This programme combines the scientific study of human cognition with the application of cognitive science to broader societal concerns. more >

  • MSc Philosophy

    Our flagship Philosoophy programme provides the ideal foundation for future research. more >

  • MSc English Language

    This intensive programme will enable you to delve deeper into the structure of the English language’s phonology, syntax and semantics. more >

  • MSc Psychology of Language

    This programme aims to provide an advanced understanding of current research in psycholinguistics. more >

  • MSc Phonetics

    The MSc will give a comprehensive grounding in the theory and practice of phonetics; speech production, speech acoustics, and speech perception. more >

  • MSc Human Cognitive Neuropsychology

    this programme provides intensive training and specialist knowledge within human cognitive neuropsychology and related fields of study. more >

  • MSc Applied Linguistics

    This is an intensive programme in what may be termed 'socially relevant Linguistics'; We draw on knowledge about language, how it works and how it contributes to real life issues. more >

  • MSc Speech & Language Processing

    The programme covers all areas of speech and language processing, from phonetics, speech synthesis and speech recognition, to natural language generation and machine translation. more >

  • MSc Developmental Linguistics

    This programme offers knowledge and research skills in understanding how our linguistic competence changes as we acquire or lose language at various points in our lifespan. more >