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MA Global Media

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MA Global Media draws upon a range of disciplines and approaches - cultural studies, political economy, multimedia and technology studies, race, diaspora and postcolonial studies, political philosophy and critical theory - the programme addresses key questions - for example: What is globalization? How do the media influence the globalising processes? What are the political, social and cultural implications of new transnational media technologies? Does globalisation mean the end of Western media imperialism? Does the hybridising logic of media globalization and urbanisation replace eurocentric forms of knowledge and culture? How do postcolonial and diasporic cultures resist perceived Westernisation? Is global ‘terrorism’ a media construction? Does Islamaphobia and racism underpin the new media culture? How significant are the new digital information media in the workings of global capitalism? What ideological fantasies underpin the ‘spectacle’ of global media war? Do new transnational and local ‘third world’ media such as al-Jazeera and Bollywood offer viable political and cultural alternatives to CNN, BBC and Hollywood?

A unique feature of this programme is the integration of global theory and critical media practice. This enable students to enhance their understanding of the production processes, and develop appropriate technical skills and conceptual thinking, to create alternative forms of media culture. The work placement option allows students to gain valuable experience of working in one of the numerous international media organisations based in London-arguably the global centre of the creative media industries.


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