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MSc.- Architecture: Advanced Environmental and Energy Studies

Format: Campus

Program Description:

The programme examines the relationship between human beings and their environment, and in particular offers an ecological perspective on building. It ranges from the political, economic and social background of environmental issues, including global examination of energy provision and consumption and climate change to local environmental considerations affecting occupant health and well-being. Choice of materials, bioclimatic design, building methods, designing for energy efficiency and the principles and practice of renewable energies are examined through practical work and the lecture programme.

Advanced Environmental and Energy Studies at UEL
This programme, which concentrates on a wide range of current Environmental issues, is based at CAT (Europe's leading Eco centre) and offers a unique combination of academic study with practical experience that will equip students with skills that are becoming increasingly sought after in all areas of professional practice. The programme is delivered through 'blended learning'; this means the programme content is delivered using a variety of learning and teaching methods including people based, paper based and web based. This approach allows students to choose a flexible pathway through the programme. Each part of each module can be completed either by attending at CAT or via web based leaning. This form of delivery provides a great deal of flexibility for students who can choose a pathway through the programme, in not only what they study but also how and where they study.


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International Financial Aid: Yes

International Financial Aid Description: Students can use a variety of different types of financial aid (including FAFSA) to study at UEL.

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