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Communication and Language Studies (MA)


Norwich Research Park

Norwich, England

United Kingdom

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MA Communication and Language Studies

Format: Campus

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Globalisation has broken down barriers of time and space and led to the ever greater centrality of knowledge and information. The increased contact between different linguistic communities (through migration, tourism, education, and information and media flows) has not, however, resolved the problem of linguistic and cultural barriers, quite the opposite. As language and cultural exchanges become ever more frequent and diverse, so does our need to comprehend the nature of intercultural communication and how it may best be promoted. These are the central concerns of the various MA programmes in the School of Language and Communications Studies at UEA. In the interdisciplinary MA in Communication and Language Studies, our focus is firmly on language, as a crucial key to comprehending the world today and participating in the world of tomorrow. We are also particularly interested in exploring today's increasingly complex and varied networks of communication and culture from different perspectives, and this makes what we offer very distinctive. The course provides a broad-based approach to the study of language both as a cultural resource and a cultural practice and makes use of a variety of analytic approaches from Discourse Analysis and ethnolinguistics to semiotics and cross-cultural pragmatics. Options dealing with communication in media and cultural products from the completely different standpoints of, for example, film and television studies or political, social and international studies, provide opportunities further to diversify and compare approaches, methodologically and interculturally. The course is intended specifically for international students and integrates English proficiency and skills training into the overall programme of study. It will be of interest to students who are seeking to deepen their knowledge of language as a cultural object and of its uses across communicative contexts and media, as well as a range of professionals concerned with issues of interpersonal and intercultural communication across different fields.


The School benefits from an outstanding research environment. UEA is home to the British Centre for Literary Translation (BCLT), translators and students edit the UEA journal Norwich Papers which devotes issues to the publication of students' scholarly work on translators and translation.

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