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Dundee, Scotland

United Kingdom

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MA (Hons) Liberal Arts

Format: Campus

Program Description:

Our course represents the finest Scottish liberal arts tradition of extensive inquiry over a wide range of subjects and disciplines, challenging you to find creative solutions to problems through active learning. 

We give you freedom throughout your entire degree to study several different subjects without the requirement to specialize in only one or two.  However, you also have the freedom to focus on one subject (a major) if you want to, while also gaining insights from a wide range of other subjects all the way through your course.

Maximum Flexibility
Unlike many similar courses in the UK there is no requirement to take core or compulsory modules for this course, ensuring that you have the maximum flexibility to tailor your degree to your needs.

  • Create a programme of study that is individualised to your own interests
  • Develop critical thinking
  • Active learning challenges you to find creative solutions to problems
  • Broad-based curriculum underpins specialization

Choose from subjects across the range of MA disciplines in both the Humanities and Social Sciences, with the option of studying certain subjects from outside the MA structure as well. 

The range of MA subjects available is vast and includes English, Creative Writing, Film Studies, European Languages, History, European Studies, Philosophy, Economics, Environmental Science, Environmental Sustainability, Geography, International Business, Politics & International Relations, Psychology, Town & Regional Planning, and Career Planning. 


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