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University College Worcester

Health and Care


Henwick Grove

Worcester, England

United Kingdom

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Degrees Offered:

M.S. - Health and Care

Format: Campus

Program Description:

Demands on voluntary, public and private agencies responsible for delivering care have been fuelled by many recent changes. In the developed world, higher consumer expectations, changing patterns of family life, altered patterns of employment and growing numbers of elderly dependants have led to increase dexpenditure on care services.

Technological changes in transport make it easier for communicable diseases to spread globally; domestic appliances and motor transport are reducing the population's physical activity; and medical technology is making it possible to prolong life, but at considerable financial cost. In all counties the 'business activity' of the care sector is increasing more rapidly than other sectors in the economy. In the developed world especially, increased demands upon public expenditure have provoked changes in social policy.

This course gives you an advanced understanding of the dynamics of policy making and decision taking in health and care so that you will be in a better position to influence care delivery through research or professional practice.

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