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University of Aberdeen, Kings College

St Mary's Building

Aberdeen, Scotland

United Kingdom

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Degree Offered:

MSc, MPhil, PhD

Format: Campus

Program Description:

Following the foundation of King's College at Aberdeen in 1495 by Papal Decree, Physics was among the subjects first taught here when classes began in the early 1500s. With the coming of the reformation, the Physics of the day continued to be taught but the description Natural Philosophy was applied. Physics Degrees here, both MA and BSc were called Natural Philosophy degrees until 1986. Physics research at Aberdeen is associated with several co-operating Schools and Departments, including Physics, Engineering, Chemistry, Geology & Petroleum Geology, Biomedical Physics, Orthopaedics and Plant & Soil Science. By the nature of the Department, research is highly interdisciplinary, and in addition staff have close research links with industry and the NHS.