University of Aberdeen

University of Aberdeen



University of Aberdeen, Kings College

St Mary's Building

Aberdeen, Scotland

United Kingdom

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Degrees Offered:

MSc, MPhil, PhD

Format: Campus

Program Description:

Chemistry in Aberdeen has been recognised as a subject in its own right since 1793, making this one of the oldest Chemistry Departments in the country. The Department occupies the Meston Building, adjacent to the medieval centre of the University campus, and is well equipped for research in all branches of Chemistry. The Department's main areas of specialisation are in Materials Chemistry (ceramics, glasses, zeolites, polymers, liquid crystals, catalysts, novel electrical materials), Organic Chemistry, Environmental/Analytical Chemistry and computational Chemistry. Recent appointments have enabled us to strengthen our work in catalysis and surface science environmental and analytical chemistry and organic synthesis. This summer we will open a new laboratory facility which houses the biodiscovery centre. The Department has a wide range of modern equipment, notably a state-of-the-art thermal analysis laboratory, two electron microscopes, an electron probe microanalyser, powder and single crystal x-ray diffractometers (including a Bruker SMART 1000 CCD area detector single crystal instrument and D8 Advance diffractometer with high temperature and texture analysis facilities), three liquids n.m.r. spectrometers (250, 400 and 600 MHz and 400MHz solids), three ICP systems (including the only ICP-TOFMS instrument in the UK and a laser ablation attachment), mass spectrometers, Laser Raman with microscope, an i.r. scanning microscope, optical microscopes, e.s.r., i.r., u.v. and visible spectrometers, GC-MS, plus equipment for a.c. impedance spectroscopy and non-standard materials synthesis. Most postgraduate degrees are by research, but include compulsory PG lecture courses, seminar programmes and research group meetings which involve students in Departmental life. In addition to the research postgraduate degrees, the department offers a two year Euromasters (2nd cycle Bologna) MSc in Chemical Sciences with both taught and research project components.



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Classification: Doctoral/Research University—Extensive

Locale: Midsize City

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