Swansea University

College of Engineering

MSc Nanomedicine (Full-time)


Singleton Park

Wales, England

United Kingdom

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At Swansea University, the Colleges of Engineering and Medicine have created a vibrant inter-disciplinary environment that is producing research of the highest quality in the areas of nanodevices, nanotoxicology, tissue engineering and nanoparticle diagnostics. The MSc Nanomedicine is unique within the UK in that it draws upon expertise in both engineering and medicine to cover a broad range of subject areas, from the latest nanoscale fabrication technology to medical applications of nanotechnology and the increasingly important area of nanotoxicology. The application of nanotechnology to human health promises to revolutionise medicine in the 21st century. Imaging and manipulation of matter at the nanoscale will allow diagnosis and treatment of disease at the molecular level leading to early intervention to prevent disease and personalised medicine. This success of research in the Colleges of Engineering and Medicine has led to the creation of a £22 million research centre – the Centre for NanoHealth (CNH) which will house a unique micro-nanofabrication clean room embedded within a biological research laboratory and with immediate access to clinical research facilities run by local NHS clinicians. There is an emphasis throughout on the application of nanotechnology in a medical environment and the course is constructed to ensure that students from a non medical/biological background have a comprehensive introduction to medicine. Similarly the engineering components are structured so that students from a life science background can readily acquire the background mathematical skills required. This course will provide you as a student with the knowledge, motivation, and self-learning skills required for continuous professional development during your future career and provides valuable experience of working on complex projects both as an individual and team member. Our aim is for students to develop the potential to become future leaders and champions of nanohealth. This course is suitable for those who are interested in how the use of nanotechnology is starting to influence the field of diagnostic and remedial medicine, and have a previous degree in a science or engineering subject.



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Financial Aid: Yes

International Financial Aid: Yes

Out State Tuition (per year): 13200 GBP

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