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Program Information

Degrees Offered:

Graduate Program in Art Logistics

Format: Campus

Program Description:

This pioneering Master’s program provides students with the diverse practical training and theoretical overview necessary to excel in one of the most important career paths in the professional arts world. The art world is a vast, complex, and rapidly changing environment where the care, display, and movement of art objects are multi-million dollar issues requiring high levels of thought and expertise. Students in this program will explore these operational approaches toward art objects and the logistical issues related to moving art from one location to another. They will become familiar with the power of positive disruption through technology and the growing use of big data and digital applications in business practice. Expertise and a fully-fledged understanding of logistics can lead to careers that form the backbone of the arts industries and the operations of cultural exchange.

The program is of twelve months’ duration, from September to September. The first two semesters (before and after Christmas) are intensively taught. In the second semester, specialist electives can be chosen from across all Institute Master’s programs, allowing a student to build a personalized Master’s profile. During the third semester (June through September) there is no formal teaching, with students researching their dissertation topics under the guidance of individual supervisors. At the start of the year, students are allocated a personal tutor who supports their academic and personal development throughout the program. Lectures are given by members of the faculty as well as by consultants whose main work is within the art world, thus facilitating networking opportunities.

Study visits and trips are an integral part of the program, with traditional and contemporary art fairs forming the subject of the European trips. In addition, weekly visits to museums, commercial galleries, and investment banks provide privileged exposure to the London art scene.

Expertise and a fully-fledged understanding of logistics can lead to careers that form the backbone of the arts industries and the operations of cultural exchange. This course is for:

  • Students seeking a career in logistics, operations, collections management and administration at private or non-profit art institutions including auction houses, galleries, dealerships and museums
  • Future Chief Operating Officers (COO’s) and Heads of Collections Management, Operations, and Administration
  • Students and professionals seeking diverse practical and professional opportunities
  • Art history majors looking to develop practical business and operations skills
  • Business operations professionals looking to transition into the art world
  • Entrepreneurs applying new business practices through technology and operations
  • Future business owners and experts in art servicing industries (e.g. insurance, conservation, supply chain management)

In this course, you will:

  • Have an advanced understanding of the fundamental role of operations within the art world
  • Learn the ins-and-outs of collections management, registrar and inventory systems, signage and labelling, and legal and ethical issues arising out of their provenance and conservation
  • Receive privileged access to some of London’s most prestigious and world-renowned art institutions
  • Study under our faculty of academics, art world practitioners, and experts
  • Understand the complexities of the art world and its key players
  • Build a network of art world professionals and future colleagues
  • Have the opportunity to undertake a work placement elective in a relevant organisation
  • Gain real-world experience through a practice-based dissertation by developing an innovative new model and business plan


Degrees from the London Institute are validated by the University of Manchester

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Classification: Specialized Institution—School of art, music, or design

Locale: Large City

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